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IDSubjectStatusSeverityLast UpdatedBroken inFixed in
130356 RPC::XML: t/41_server_hang.t hangs indefinitely new 3 months ago
  • 0.80
  • 0.81
131866 Undeclared dependency HTTP::Daemon new 1 year ago 0.80
119061 XML::LibXML not found new 4 years ago
114315 [PATCH] Fix spelling errors in manpage (and comments) open 5 years ago
101386 Malformed input crashes server open Critical 6 years ago 0.78
100687 RPC Client to PHP 5.5.14 xml-rpc server 'parse-level-error'. open Important 6 years ago 0.78
56921 smart_encode in RPC/ loses elements, when element reference used twice or more open Normal 7 years ago
88340 compilation error new 8 years ago
34472 RPC::XML::Client fails to encode open Normal 9 years ago 0.59
76293 Content-Length from Apache::RPC::Server is insufficient when given UTF-8 data new Critical 9 years ago
41422 Memory leak when client attempts to connect to non-existent server open Important 10 years ago 0.76
62798 message_file_thresh plus basic auth = disaster open Important 10 years ago
54961 Support for Apache2? open 11 years ago
58064 When ENCODING is set, HTTP headers need a charset new Normal 11 years ago 0.73
42298 Allow RPC::XML::Server to run in a mod_cgi environment open Wishlist 11 years ago
53448 Client-side compression needs WindowBits set for deflate encoding open Important 11 years ago 0.72
51760 SSL Support Patch for RPC::XML::Server open Wishlist 11 years ago 0.69 0.69
49656 Make it possible to "import" a namespace as RPC::XML::Function entries open Normal 12 years ago
49655 RPC::XML idea: Procedures from module with attributes new Normal 12 years ago
45154 SSL support open Wishlist 12 years ago
34556 Specify timeout settings for methods and at server-level open Wishlist 13 years ago
34554 Provide a mechanism for tracing/debugging wire traffic open Wishlist 13 years ago
6195 Please make XML::RPC::Client able to speak through UNIX sockets new Wishlist 16 years ago 0.53
2782 Adding Logging to RPC::XML::Server new Wishlist 16 years ago 0.53

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