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IDSubjectStatusSeverityLast UpdatedBroken inFixed in
131827 Mixing accuracy and precision creates NaN open 2 months ago 1.999818
134045 Test failures on USE_QUADMATH builds when ivsize==4 new 4 months ago
133665 Strange wording in POD new 6 months ago
132467 [cpan-questions #36236] Fwd: Bug with BigInt? new 1 year ago
130720 1.999817 breaks the tests of CryptX, Math-BigInt-Lite, and Math-Counting open 2 years ago 1.999817
124989 BigInt wraps largest signed integer open 2 years ago
66450 Math::BigInt->blsft() can't handle arbitrarily large base open 2 years ago 1.993
125430 Math-BIgFloat fails with subclassing open 3 years ago 1.999813
110444 Infinite loop for $x->blog($y) with global precision set open Normal 3 years ago 1.999710
110725 BigFloat new() on a BigRat object yields unexpected result new 5 years ago
108643 A rational power and a negative base produces a "uninitialized" warning open Unimportant 5 years ago
  • 1.999708
  • 1.999709
78097 Global variables aren't thread safe open Important 6 years ago 1.997
107604 bsin() and bcos() are broken new 6 years ago
107380 Rounding is broken new 6 years ago
104544 Rounding to a positive precision is off by one digit new 6 years ago
103540 bmod() doesn't work with upgrading from Math::BigInt to Math::BigFloat new 6 years ago
99484 Cross-platform interoperability with BASE_LEN new 7 years ago
96651 Math::BigFloat -> bmod() does unnecessary work new 7 years ago
72680 bigint adding boolean false open 7 years ago
93887 Math::BigInt->new() wrongly converts large floats open Normal 7 years ago
70743 round_mode test fail on 5.6.2 open 8 years ago
84950 BigFloat bpi() NaN when global precision() set new 8 years ago
82417 Docs mismatch with upgrade new Normal 8 years ago
25144 [PATCH] Math::BigFloat->new considers any reference a BigInt. open Normal 9 years ago 1.79
27881 Loss of time cause BigInt can't work fast with mod_perl open Important 9 years ago 1.87
78098 Document full list of auto-upgrading methods new Unimportant 9 years ago

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