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IDSubjectStatusSeverityLast UpdatedBroken inFixed in
127720 When @ARGV is localized, prompt does not prompt a prompt. open 2 years ago
118893 "isprint" is not exported by the POSIX module open 4 years ago 0.997003
54807 IO-Prompt fails to build in environments without /dev/tty open 6 years ago 0.997
106660 Unneeded dependency on version open 6 years ago 0.997003
96037 possible bug open 7 years ago
88516 typo fix new 8 years ago 0.997002
83746 won't install without force open Important 8 years ago 0.997002
80660 (No subject) open Normal 9 years ago 0.997001
52371 Reading input via *ARGV not documented open 10 years ago
69084 Doesn't work on 5.14 if you call prompt() in non-"main" package open Critical 10 years ago
61381 Weird behavior with IO::Prompt and numbers open 11 years ago
56568 Bug: Use of uninitialized value $newlines open 11 years ago
54072 Not warnings safe with normal usage open Normal 11 years ago v0.99.4
48515 problem with $_ undefined when used in module open 11 years ago
53510 problem with non-decimal version number open Important 11 years ago v0.99.4
31191 Add tests new 11 years ago
16170 dependency open Normal 12 years ago 0.99.2
30668 IO::Prompt backspace deletes too much (or not enough) open Normal 12 years ago v0.99.4
42681 Fix for " Use of uninitialized value $_ in pattern match (m//)" new Important 12 years ago v0.99.4
39166 -one_char; waring: Use of uninitialized value new Normal 13 years ago v0.99.4
38014 SIGINT handler should not call exit() unconditionally new Important 13 years ago v0.99.4 v0.99.4
36221 Possible Bug new 13 years ago
32799 Request for IO::Prompt new 13 years ago
29476 Use integers for '-menu' instead of letters new Wishlist 14 years ago v0.99.4
27043 Dependencies of IO::Prompt open 14 years ago
14852 Bypassing the menu option via $ARGV[0]? open Unimportant 15 years ago 0.99.2
21345 -require checks ignore for -default value new 15 years ago
21055 [PATCH] Tab completion new Wishlist 15 years ago v0.99.4
21003 enhancement new 15 years ago
20638 Backspace deletes prompt new Normal 15 years ago v0.99.4 v0.99.4
19364 warnings under Test::Harness open Normal 15 years ago v0.99.4
19934 IO::Prompt and Windows - bad tests/incompatibilities new Important 15 years ago v0.99.4
18652 -integer Permits 1e-3 open 15 years ago
18473 Unwarranted Presumption About $\ open 15 years ago
18390 avoid IO::Prompt::ReturnVal? open Wishlist 15 years ago v0.99.4
18217 Error when using "-okay_if" or "-fail_if" open Normal 15 years ago v0.99.4
17562 Cannot install IO::Prompt, don't know what it is. new Critical 15 years ago 0.99.2
14453 IO::Prompt wants "Want" but does not list it as a dependency. open Normal 15 years ago 0.99.2
14909 Segmentation fault in while loop open Important 15 years ago 0.99.2
16404 cpan tries to install wrong version of IO::Prompt new 15 years ago
16287 cpan #16278 new 15 years ago
16278 Install bug(most likely I am just a stupid linux noob) new 15 years ago
15290 -wipe flag has no effect (patch included) new Normal 16 years ago 0.99.2
14846 Missing pre-req new Normal 16 years ago 0.99.2
8693 misnomer in documentation new Unimportant 16 years ago 0.02

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