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IDSubjectStatusSeverityLast UpdatedBroken inFixed in
134050 Perl DBI fails to connect if SELinux is enabled and in enforcing mode. It works fine in permissive mode. No denial reported by SElinux new 4 months ago
133872 Unknown MySQL error after apt-get upgrade new 5 months ago
99508 Tables will erroneously be opened in current folder if f_dir set to a relative path that does not exist open 7 months ago 1.632
86744 Possible memory corruption when using execute callback and _many_ params open 1 year ago 1.627
130194 DBI::preparse() always copies ps_accept to ps_return new 2 years ago
130191 Possible buffer overwrite with overlong driver class name new 2 years ago 1.642
130190 Cast between incompatible function types from ‘void (*)(PerlInterpreter *, CV *)’ {aka ‘void (*)(struct interpreter *, struct cv *)’} to ‘dbistate_t ** (*)(PerlInterpreter *)’ {aka ‘stru new 2 years ago 1.642
129760 compiler warning new 2 years ago
128214 t/80proxy.t fails on 96-core machine with parallel-harness new 2 years ago
125567 segmentation fault with DBI->connect open 2 years ago
128166 DBI version 1.640 is reporting as 1.64. This breaks some version checks. open 2 years ago
127545 connect() doesnt set errstr when the DB driver is missing new 3 years ago
127542 Tainted placeholder value open 3 years ago
127501 SIGABRT in test suite (DBI-1.641_90) open 3 years ago
127170 Another example to bind columns new 3 years ago
125590 circular reference in DBI::DBD::SqlEngine::TieTables new 3 years ago
124721 fetchall_arrayref({}) in certain cases new Important 3 years ago 1.640
122744 HandleError receives statement handle, despite the docs open 3 years ago 1.634
47923 optimized C functions hinder subclassing stalled Wishlist 5 years ago 1.51
114066 [PATCH] fix spelling mistakes in the POD new 5 years ago
110105 $Column->{UNSIGNED} seems to be forgotten new 5 years ago
101667 Update the docs on threads open 6 years ago
101324 Warnings from LLVM 6.0 on OS X 10.10 new 6 years ago
101031 Specify mechanism for escaping placeholders e.g. to allow use of SQL operators containing ? new 6 years ago
100884 is installed new 6 years ago 1.632
99705 Enhancement: Provide a post-exec callback for statements / provide automatically locked hashrefs new Wishlist 7 years ago
96763 Suggestion: allow Object with stringify overloading as passwd in connect() open 7 years ago
93870 conflicts metadata should say <= open 7 years ago 1.631
93872 suggests metadata being mapped to x_suggests new 7 years ago 1.631
93204 Uninitialized warnings in open 7 years ago
93205 Uninitialized warnings in new 7 years ago
89847 Add dependency for RPC::PlClient new 8 years ago
83238 SQL_ALL_TYPES and SQL_UNKNOWN_TYPE share the same type code number open Normal 8 years ago
87031 harness DBIc_TYPE switch new Important 8 years ago
85168 make fails under Perl 5.10.1 with Pod::Simple-3.28 patched Normal 8 years ago 1.611_91
83378 The slice-to-hash-with-rename feature is incomplete open 8 years ago
82942 Cached statements hold strong references to bind values stalled Important 8 years ago
81576 dbiprof: Can't set --number to "all" new 8 years ago
74705 Makefile does not test for compiler availability stalled Normal 8 years ago
61976 Various issues with DBD::Proxy stalled Normal 9 years ago
67435 reference count leak with take_imp_data new 10 years ago
24544 wish: make "if_active" a normal, overridable atttribute new Wishlist 14 years ago 1.53

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