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IDSubjectStatusSeverityLast UpdatedBroken inFixed in
118491 Ubuntu 16.04, MySQL 5.7, "Can't get last insert id" error on inserting row. open 4 years ago
99395 Iterator Method not iterating with new 7 years ago
84148 set_db() and connection() don't support 'host' and 'port' attributes for remote databases new Important 8 years ago v3.0.17
78161 [PATCH] Spelling glitch new 9 years ago
65229 Patch for possible bug with Class::DBI (SQLlite. Win32, Custom db_Main)) new Normal 10 years ago
59574 [PATCH] Optimization for Class::DBI::Column new Wishlist 11 years ago v3.0.17
48875 bare qv disallowed open Critical 12 years ago
24717 UNIVERSAL::can() called as a function. open Unimportant 12 years ago
44031 (MySQL) table names not correctly quoted in queries new Important 12 years ago v3.0.17
34885 (int4) bind type picked for varchar column. open Normal 13 years ago v3.0.17
33502 insert() will not call create() overrides open Important 13 years ago v3.0.9
33503 Test that update() throws out it's data and reloads new Unimportant 13 years ago
33017 Database Deployment new 13 years ago
32847 Class::DBI explodes on mod_perl/Win32 due to Clone open Normal 13 years ago v3.0.16
17805 Object not stored in objct index when created if PK comes from a sequence. open Important 13 years ago v3.0.9
32115 transform_sql() test file; patch: more robust regex for __FOO__ replacements new 13 years ago v3.0.17
29615 ... and DBD::SQLite 1.14 do not work together either new Important 14 years ago v3.0.16
27608 CDBI 3.0.16 and DBD::SQLite 1.13 do not work together open Critical 14 years ago
21199 Construct throws away data if object is in LiveObjects index open 14 years ago
25433 Documentation error re:accessor_name_for() new 14 years ago
24959 [PATCH] Change the iterator to fetch on demand. open Wishlist 14 years ago
3305 has_many cause compilation error open Normal 15 years ago 0.93
17585 _attrs returning inflated object. and not db column value open Critical 15 years ago
16493 Request for order_by in has_many open Wishlist 15 years ago v3.0.9
15630 "Use of uninitialized value in join or string" warning stalled Normal 15 years ago v3.0.10
16808 Make primary keys read-only new 15 years ago
16515 Deep recursion on _flesh new 15 years ago
13305 feature request for after_update trigger stalled 15 years ago
6434 LiveObject caching may return results from other DBs when using custom db_Main open Critical 16 years ago 0.96
14798 Calling Essential twice new Normal 16 years ago v3.0.8
13306 find_or_create enhancement stalled Wishlist 16 years ago
13303 Trigger Bug. new 16 years ago
14172 Case mangling with Sybase new 16 years ago
13747 obvious way to change columns in before_create / before_update doesn't work new Wishlist 16 years ago
7715 Class::DBI does not correctly quote column names (Pg, maybe others) open Important 16 years ago
6354 has_a doesn't handle simple Perl data structures in 0.96 new Wishlist 16 years ago 0.96
4496 Allow subclasses to extend Columns new Wishlist 16 years ago 0.94
12179 About the sub do_transaction in the pod new Normal 16 years ago
  • 0.94
  • 0.95
  • 0.96
3853 Re: MCPK / has_a deflation new 18 years ago
3775 Re: Class::DBI communicating with a database over the network new 18 years ago

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