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IDSubjectStatusSeverityLast UpdatedBroken inFixed in
24442 numbered match variables become stuck if used as arguments in call to Win32::OLE object new Normal 14 years ago 0.17
36830 Accented characters broken (U+007F -- U+00FF) on non-latin1 systems new Normal 13 years ago 0.17
20733 Win32::OLE::Const causes a problem with getOpenFile/getSaveFile open Normal 15 years ago 0.17
67609 t/3_ole.t fails on Russian Excel new Important 6 years ago 0.1709
43576 Localized error message is truncated from end new 12 years ago 0.1709
43574 Could't use default event source if it begins with underscore character open Important 9 years ago 0.1709
67611 dialog box in t/6_event.t new Important 10 years ago 0.1709
43575 Wrong method/property name could't generate error message new 12 years ago 0.1709
65052 Cannot create ADODB.Connection object under Cygwin open Important 9 years ago 0.1709
100554 utf8_to_uvuni is deprecated, W32::OLE wont build on NO_MATHOMS new 6 years ago 0.1712
70665 Win32::OLE and OFFLB open 10 years ago
92443 LDAP assumes no one nor children new 7 years ago
125279 Use of uninitialized value in OLE.xs Variant::Type() function new 3 years ago
125357 OLE Exception error 0x800a03ec while make test on Cygwin new 3 years ago
7638 use Win32::OLE::Const 'Microsoft Excel'; Takes 75 seconds!! new 17 years ago
128960 Cannot compile on cygwin open 2 years ago
14584 Win32::OLE causes "Free to wrong pool" new Normal 13 years ago
15538 Win32-OLE and timeout issues new 16 years ago
23118 VT_ARRAY|VT_DATE Variant broken? new Normal 13 years ago
24676 win32::ole does not find classes from CorelDraw type library that VB 2005 and Corel VBA can use new 13 years ago
25552 libwin32-0.27 new 13 years ago
32121 WIN32::OLE and fork() or Thread new 13 years ago
33485 Problem with EPIC debugger and Win32::OLE open 12 years ago
48858 Bug in OLE.xs _Typelibs() function for Win64? new 12 years ago
53704 t/ole.t failing test 42 (translate ANSI->OEM) open 11 years ago

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