This queue is for tickets about the Test-Smoke CPAN distribution.




IDSubjectStatusSeverityLast UpdatedBroken inFixed in
128950 Branch selected was either not smoked or reported under older branch's name open 12 months ago
125174 broken by bleadperl on Windows new 3 years ago
90220 Errors in local patches should abort smoke new 8 years ago
90219 Failing to fetch perl source should abort smoke new Normal 8 years ago 1.6
125932 logs/smokecurrent/*.jsn file and web page not identifying all failing unit tests new 2 years ago
126010 ./logs/smokecurrent/logXXX.log files are mysteriously truncated new 2 years ago
127034 metacpan reports Mail::Sendmail coming from this project stalled 3 years ago 1.72
56547 Other patches stalled 4 years ago
128123 not showing failures since most recent dev release new 2 years ago
127640 not certified for HTTPS new 2 years ago
127148 Permit HTTP calls with search conditions in URL new Normal 3 years ago
127656 "Latest version only" not reporting latest version new 2 years ago
90612 Reports are missing details new Important 3 years ago 1.6
127744 smokecurrent.skiptests causes failures in t/porting/manifest.t open 2 years ago
126271 does not correctly report branch being smoked new 3 years ago
130513 Test-Smoke-1.73 tarball damaged open 2 years ago 1.73
125927 Test::Smoke fails to identify failing tests in web report; does not smoke the branch requested new Normal 3 years ago 1.72
131711 Test-Smoke: location of perl repository has changed open Critical 12 months ago 1.73
127577 Test-Smoke smoked incorrect branch open 2 years ago
127589 Test::Smoke::Syncer: does not document synchronization via git new 3 years ago
132642 t/poster-post.t breaks when HTTP::Daemon 6.05 or 6.06 is installed stalled 12 months ago
133369 When post to database fails, archiver does not run, leading to data loss new 8 months ago

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