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IDSubjectStatusSeverityLast UpdatedBroken inFixed in
132420 Fix for formatCode being lost new 1 year ago
43247 two problems in treating shared string table new 12 years ago
89494 Re: Uninitialized $row, $col can be minimized by cautious default new 8 years ago
93962 CSV output is not correct for one particular case open 7 years ago
101370 Bug? Wrong value in cell with Spreadsheet-XLSX-0.13 new 6 years ago
101371 Bug? Wrong value in cell with Spreadsheet-XLSX-0.13 - with xlsx-file new 6 years ago
101636 Decimal format being ignored in Excel file new 6 years ago
107499 consider releasing with META files open 6 years ago
108230 0.14 broke field type for percentage new 6 years ago
108901 Handling namespace prefixes in OpenDocument XML new 5 years ago
109140 Installation Problem with Spreadsheet:XLSX open 5 years ago
112599 This module is utterly broken, gut it and make it a wrapper around Spreadsheet::ParseXLSX new 5 years ago
113231 Microsoft's HYPERLINK function new 5 years ago
114521 $v might be undefined new 5 years ago
116063 Unable to install Spreadsheet::XLSX on Windows 7, 64 bit new 5 years ago
117007 day of week & AM/PM bug new 5 years ago
117166 unformatted date values can no longer be retrieved open 4 years ago
117462 bugreport new 5 years ago
119170 Fwd: Perl module Spreadsheet::XLSX new 4 years ago
119230 Re: [do-/eludia] Spreadsheet::XLSX column limitation (#24) open 4 years ago
122340 Phonetic hints concatenated in shared string in cell value. new 4 years ago
124409 suggested patch new 3 years ago
125112 [PATCH] Update module name in comments and POD. new 3 years ago
127639 Missing value for referenced columns with space at the end new 2 years ago
127829 [Warning] Argument "#N/A" isn't numeric in int open 1 year ago
128026 Text::Iconv broken new 2 years ago
50705 Worksheet names with html characters not getting decoded new 12 years ago
66516 Using much more RAM than Spreadsheet-ParseExcel open 9 years ago
67755 Lots of "Use of uninitialized value" errors open 6 years ago 0.12
70341 bug in Spreadsheet-XLSX-0.13 new 10 years ago
71619 two secret formats for dates new 10 years ago
77849 Problem with Spreadsheet::XLSX new 9 years ago
78318 FW: Installation Issue new 9 years ago
79770 Warnings opening xlsx files created with Libre Office new 9 years ago
81778 Warnings parsing numeric columns that are not really numeric. new 8 years ago
82594 {MinCol} fails for some spreadsheets with null A1 new Normal 8 years ago
83399 Issue with parsing spreadsheets exported by Excel::Writer::XLSX open 6 years ago
86663 Bug in parsing XLSX new 6 years ago
86667 Something wrong with xlsx generated by Google open 6 years ago
87746 Spreadsheet::XLSX reading dates as numbers open 6 years ago
89004 Bug 67755 fixed in 0.12 resurfaced in 0.13 new 8 years ago
89490 Uninitialized $row, $col can be minimized by cautious default new 8 years ago
110985 Cell value read as GENERAL in LibreOffice-created XLSX new Important 5 years ago 0.15
122235 Option to show records read every N records new Wishlist 4 years ago 0.15
111087 [PATCH] Does not handle newlines in <Relationship> tags new Normal 5 years ago 0.15
113088 Suggested build in converter that solves quite some of hte issues mentioned. new Wishlist 5 years ago 0.15
108208 Wrong TRIAL specification open 6 years ago 0.14_TRIAL
71090 parsing error of #REF et #VALUE. new Normal 8 years ago 0.13-withoutworldwriteables
85201 improper handling of merged cells new Normal 8 years ago 0.13-withoutworldwriteables
73753 extra "amp;" when reading values new Important 9 years ago 0.13-withoutworldwriteables
79016 Patch to fix warnings when #N/A appears in cells open Normal 5 years ago 0.13-withoutworldwriteables
80206 critical errors in extracting $row new Critical 9 years ago 0.13-withoutworldwriteables 0.13-withoutworldwriteables
80565 #DIV/0! not handled, giving warnings new Normal 9 years ago 0.13-withoutworldwriteables
81507 Parse error in workbook.xml.rels new Critical 8 years ago 0.13
87489 Worksheet State not included in data structure new Wishlist 8 years ago 0.13
81242 (No subject) new Normal 8 years ago 0.13
84528 Use of uninitialized value $t in concatenation (.) or string at /usr/share/perl5/Spreadsheet/ line 49. new Normal 8 years ago 0.13
67954 Out of Memory Failure open Critical 9 years ago 0.13
70164 <v> element not handled correctly new Important 10 years ago 0.13
70879 $& used, leading to huge performance hit open Important 6 years ago 0.13
54032 Wish: remove dependency on Text::Iconv open Wishlist 6 years ago 0.12
66467 Consider providing the same API as Spreadsheet::ParseExcel new 10 years ago 0.12
50236 chartsheet fix doesn't account for changed order or deleted sheets open Important 12 years ago 0.11
50211 chartsheets not handled correctly patched Normal 12 years ago 0.1
43185 Shared String not identifying proper Values, identified fix for it. new Important 12 years ago 0.09
50279 Attributes - wishlist items new Wishlist 12 years ago 0.01

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