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IDSubjectStatusSeverityLast UpdatedBroken inFixed in
22113 Spelling mistakes in my name new Unimportant 15 years ago 0.18
22693 P:C failure for File::Slurp with bleedperl hard to understand new 15 years ago 0.18
47590 Old-style roles with package not matching filename reports not covered, even with POD new Important 12 years ago
  • 0.19
  • 0.20
33914 Pod::Coverage does not have 'unimport' in private list. new Wishlist 13 years ago 0.19
44654 Automatic exception for can() and isa() new Wishlist 12 years ago 0.20
85540 pod_cover should not add ./lib into @INC new 8 years ago 0.23
86840 typo fixes new 8 years ago 0.23
77329 FW: Moose override method open 6 years ago
82195 Add syntax for "look in this other file for all the docs" open Wishlist 8 years ago
87634 0.23 requires there to be some pod in every file, even when unnecessary open 8 years ago
90190 Does not recognize names in bulleted lists new 7 years ago
107398 subs not detected on perl 5.8.5 new 6 years ago
119215 Pod::Coverage::ExportOnly does not find exported subs new 4 years ago
124391 No license specified new 3 years ago
20450 allow package to include its own trust/private data new Wishlist 15 years ago
132577 The module doesn't check anonymous subs. open 12 months ago
23750 List of private symbols should include ^SCALAR$ open Normal 11 years ago
28398 Pod-Coverage-0.18 fails test t/02simple.......dubious new 14 years ago
28625 look in XS for subroutines new 14 years ago
31596 Loading module essential for XS but failure to load is silently ignored open Important 12 years ago
33747 Wishlist for Class::Data::Accessor created methods open Wishlist 7 years ago
40760 Pod::Coverage 0.19 no longer sees Moose generated methods. new 12 years ago

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