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IDSubjectStatusSeverityLast UpdatedBroken inFixed in
5815 Plucene runs afoul of limited file handles on OS X new 16 years ago
11052 QueryParser should pass correct field name when tokenizing new Normal 16 years ago 1.20
11295 SegmentReader::doc_freq can return undef. new Important 16 years ago 1.20
11332 segment merging problems with utf8-strings new 16 years ago 1.20
11658 Optimize runs wild, swamping stderr new Critical 16 years ago 1.21
12226 Bug fix for terms that are the single character 0 open Important 15 years ago 1.21
14450 [Plucene] patch for Plucene::QueryParser new 16 years ago
17111 memoize('_get_index_offset') can cause crash under mod_perl win32 open Normal 15 years ago 1.24
17185 C< Argument "foo" isn't numeric in bitwise xor (^) > in open 15 years ago
17371 Added unit test for Plucene::Utils. Croak if obtaining lock failed. new Normal 15 years ago 1.24
17372 Fully tested all the static Document::Field constructors new Unimportant 15 years ago 1.24
17373 Fully tested Plucene::Document new Unimportant 15 years ago 1.24
18668 Can't call method "_cmp" on an undefined value at Plucene/Index/ line 99. open Normal 15 years ago 1.24
18975 Unicode does not match new Important 15 years ago 1.24
19845 Can't check 'indexed' on an empty index new 15 years ago
48689 memory leak in Plucene::Search::BooleanScorer new Important 12 years ago 1.25
64871 Failes to install on darwin open Critical 10 years ago 1.25
108644 pod test fails open 2 years ago

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