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IDSubjectStatusSeverityLast UpdatedBroken inFixed in
49388 Strawberry in directory with spaces in its name stalled 9 years ago
55336 [TRACKING] Some modules not working on 64bit open 7 years ago
58545 Strawberry needs a post-build QA test process open 11 years ago
67368 perlbug sending mail doesn't work open 7 years ago
68692 Problem in ExtUtils::MakeMaker, dmake & libs in paths with brackets () open Important 7 years ago
77324 [Extension Request] Cairo open Wishlist 7 years ago 3.002
83608 [Extension Request] including PAR:Packer open Wishlist 7 years ago
84600 Socket::inet_pton() not implemented open 2 years ago
94150 [Extension Request] bundle tar.exe + gzip.exe open 7 years ago
94965 [Extension Request] git utility open 7 years ago 4.001
95482 Uses File::Slurp, known to be buggy and vulnerable open 7 years ago
99104 Consider moving c\*_.dll to perl\*_.dll new 7 years ago
103264 Net::NTP failed with Strawberry Perl new 7 years ago 4.005
103782 strawberry-perl- perl518.dll cannot be relocated open 6 years ago
104542 (and possibly other pages) does not validate as valid HTML new 6 years ago
105063 strawberry-perl- can't open the file having CJK path. open 6 years ago
105363 crash: Test::Class modulino open 6 years ago
105551 MSI - add checkbox to NOT REMOVE site dir during uninstall open Critical 6 years ago
105604 Calls to an object's method within a child thread hang new 6 years ago
105644 Permission problem when removing files from perl\vendor\lib\ new 6 years ago
106057 Installation of Perl v5.22 open 6 years ago
106389 perl version 5-20 backtick and qx not executing the same fucntion open 6 years ago
106825 failure to load mysql.xs.dll because it cannot find libmysql_.dll open 6 years ago
107270 Possible Bug Strawberry Perl (perl 5, version 22, subversion 0 (v5.22.0) built for MSWin32-x64-multi-thread). open 6 years ago
107316 uses File::Slurp open 6 years ago
107317 test prereqs are listed as build new 6 years ago
107433 cpan.bat prompt and echo fails on new strawberry install new 6 years ago
107872 First https request is very slow when perl process memory usage is high new 6 years ago
108186 file::compare bug when comparing files in another directory new 6 years ago
108917 gmake defaults to g++ for .c because of known bug documented at open 6 years ago
111284 strawberry-perl- - Package installs requiring GCJ module installation fail due to missing header open 6 years ago
112616 Please add libcurl support open Wishlist 6 years ago
112804 Possible windows 7 support issue for 5.22 new Normal 6 years ago
112944 Can you sign the releases using gpg or something new 6 years ago
113282 tell function bug in any version of strawberry perl open 6 years ago
113668 CPAN not working out of the box for Portable Perl 5.22.1 open 6 years ago
114183 File::Copy doesn't set $! on error open 5 years ago
114373 (cosmetic) problems with Makefile's generated for modules new 5 years ago
115347 Strawberry package open 5 years ago
116265 Module Net::SSH2 in Strawberry v5.24.0.1 seems have bugs. new 5 years ago
116657 Gcc errors when upgrading some modules for Strawberry portable. new 5 years ago
116746 Ctrl+C reliably triggers crash in perl.exe interpreter open Important 5 years ago
116768 Problem with size of pack('L!',0) on x86-64 windows open 5 years ago
117257 Feature Request: set environment variable only in batch script open 5 years ago
117774 Crashes - probably because of Parallel::ForkManager open 5 years ago
118635 XS modules hang on croak() called from an exception handler open 5 years ago
119064 portableshell.bat Recommendation open 5 years ago
119245 Installer still unhappy with custom install location open 5 years ago
119394 Missing alloca.h header breaks CPAN modules like C::DynaLib open Important 5 years ago 4.012
119567 Pls, add libidn libraries to the strawberry perl distribution open Wishlist 5 years ago
119755 won't run anymore open 5 years ago
119761 Please add Gtk3 support new Wishlist 5 years ago
120043 Term::ReadKey deadlocks with release open 5 years ago
120138 Getting Win10 popup "Perl Interpreter has stopped working" on 5.24. new 5 years ago
120278 make perl.exe use short (8.3) paths if the path contains non-ANSII characters open 5 years ago
120570 running perldoc fails with "invalid parameter - -R" new 5 years ago
121219 Not possible to link with microsoft import libraries since 5.22 open 3 years ago
121691 MySQL DBD Packaging bug open 4 years ago
122286 Feature Request: cperl-Strawberry open 4 years ago
124820 No Variables Displayed PadWalker > Perl > EPIC > Eclipse new 4 years ago
125085 [Tk::TableMatrix] Installation failed on Strawberry Perl 5.26 new 4 years ago
125246 MSI cannot run on Win10. new 3 years ago
125895 'open() or die' cannot work with pipe new 3 years ago
127184 Remove the .la files in strawberry\c\lib\gcc\x86_64-w64-mingw32\7.1.0? new 3 years ago
127404 cpan -l error listing modules. new 3 years ago
128221 Prove Perl Script not Installed new 3 years ago
128531 include my_documents in the portable.perl files so toolchain will work [PATCH INCLUDED] new 3 years ago
128698 Unable to install CPAN modules on Windows 10 open 3 years ago
129878 Problem with cpan upgrade open 2 years ago
130070 Issues with ExtUtils::F77 in SP and open 2 years ago
130100 libffi bundled with strawberry 64bit doesn't support returning structures open 2 years ago
130143 CPAN fails regardless of Strawberry version open 2 years ago
130269 Blacklist Info IP new 2 years ago
130354 ppm install problem. new 2 years ago 4.018
130552 strawberry-perl- -- 'perl -d ' problem -- new 2 years ago
130734 DBD::Oracle 1.76 bundled with strawberryperl 5.30 64bit crashes on Oracle 19c/ windows 2016 std. new 2 years ago
131093 DLL loading directories open 2 years ago
131149 Uninstall failed after upgrading Windows from 7 to 10 new 2 years ago
131158 CPAN fails, possibly due to a gmake command line issue open 2 years ago
131177 SypHunter5 reports malware in perl distribution new 2 years ago
131209 Broken certificate on new 2 years ago
131361 Strawberry PDL edition on Windows cannot display plots out of the box new Important 2 years ago 4.019
131606 Missing tzset open 2 years ago
132128 Error when building the Wx module new 2 years ago
132264 Strawberry Perl Portable edition reports Perl's executable's path is tainted new 2 years ago
132943 The -d Directory test fails in Windows 10 bash use new 1 year ago
132977 cpan Font::TTF will not load - Perl V5.30.2 new 1 year ago
133459 tell() returns wrong values when used with ":encoding(UTF-8)" on files with unix newlines (0x0a). new 1 year ago
133688 I visited the site to grab a copy open 11 months ago
133697 symlinked perl script opens separate console in Windows 8 new Normal 11 months ago
133837 missing in 5.32 open 11 months ago
133882 Report of virus in four programs open 10 months ago

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