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IDSubjectStatusSeverityLast UpdatedBroken inFixed in
78136 IPv6 fast fallback patch for IO::Socket::IP open 9 years ago
89608 Handle scoped IP addresses open Normal 5 years ago 0.24
92605 Possible problem? Crypt-SSLeay fails tests open 5 years ago
92834 Possible problem? Plack fails tests open 5 years ago 0.25
98285 AIX failure in t/31nonblocking.t open 6 years ago
100901 15io-socket.t and 16v6only.t fail on network-restricted environments ( seen Perl 5.20.1 install ) new 6 years ago 0.29
103422 IO::Socket::IP and IO::Socket::SSL do not play well together open Important 5 years ago 0.37
104793 A TCP connection for localhost is failing if the Ethernet connection is down. open 3 months ago 0.37
104836 tru64 fails three IO-Socket-IP tests open 5 years ago
105679 Problem binding to localhost when both IPv6 and IPv4 configured (Windows 7+Strawberry Perl) open 5 years ago 0.36
107103 multi-homed non-blocking connect looks broken with epoll (and kqueue, i believe) open Critical 6 years ago 0.37
111137 IO::Socket::IP returns wrong (true) value on failures when Blocking is 0 open 5 years ago
115036 EMFILE error is not reported correctly open 5 years ago 0.37
116232 'new' throws misleading 'croak' when open files limit exceeded open 5 years ago
117674 Lazy load Carp on croak open 4 years ago
119260 Can't locate object method "fileno" via package "FileHandle" at IO-Socket-IP line 916 open 4 years ago
123068 compatibility of IO::Socket::IP->connected and IO::Socket::INET->connected new 4 years ago 0.39
123069 Empty-string LocalAddr not handled as with IO::Socket::INET new 4 years ago 0.39
125092 Listening on UDP Sockets deos not work with recent versions of MSWin32 Perl new Important 3 years ago 0.39
128986 FreeBSD: Allow ETIMEDOUT on FreeBSD INET6 socket with V6Only true new 2 years ago 0.39
132760 Test failures with ipv6-only host open Normal 9 months ago 0.39
133467 [PATCH] Fix typo patched 7 months ago
133588 bind() failure in new() not reported for non-blocking sockets new Important 7 months ago 0.39
133686 Cache protocol number lookups in IO::Socket::IP open 6 months ago 0.41

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