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IDSubjectStatusSeverityLast UpdatedBroken inFixed in
44994 CGI-Session generate new session-ID forcibly open 12 years ago
47794 Drivers have problem about locking new 12 years ago 4.41
47795 All unmatch session-datas are deleted by find() with ip_match. open 12 years ago 4.41
50232 META.yml has formatting error, causes YAML parsers to choke new 12 years ago 4.42
59267 UMask parameters new Normal 11 years ago 4.42
59662 Expired parameter not expiring new Important 11 years ago 4.42
60107 directory hashing for CGI::Session::Driver::file (patch included) stalled Wishlist 11 years ago 4.42
60694 Serialized sessions are non-portable between architectures open Important 6 years ago 2.2 2.2
60933 Support for cookie path and domain open Wishlist 11 years ago
62460 cgi::session overwrites content-encoding when setting cookie new Normal 11 years ago 4.42
66299 doesn't work in tainted mode 5.10.1 new Normal 10 years ago 4.43
69048 Use of qw(...) as parentheses is deprecated open 8 years ago 4.47
76450 t/g4_sqlite_storable.t should not use hardcoded temporary file new 9 years ago 4.48
78139 Successful test run doesn't clean the tmp dir open Important 9 years ago 4.48
80346 Insecure dependency (taint mode) with file & storable open Critical 5 years ago 4.48
88697 param new 8 years ago
94914 $s = $s->new() or die $s->errstr; new 7 years ago
99839 Calling ->param in list context now warns open 7 years ago
111463 load will fail after any previous error new 5 years ago
124763 Store expiry TS to make cleaning stale sessions easier. open Wishlist 3 years ago
132517 License inconsistencies new 1 year ago
133552 Warning: the following files are missing in your kit new 7 months ago 4.48

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