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IDSubjectStatusSeverityLast UpdatedBroken inFixed in
35061 Atom 1.0 feeds: uniq_item resolved Important 3 years ago 0.34
84798 forgot the 'use' in the documentation resolved 3 years ago
125052 returns HASH for empty field resolved 3 years ago 0.43
124569 timegm should be called with 4-digit year resolved Normal 3 years ago 0.43
87373 XML::FeedPP Bug resolved 3 years ago
78407 Empty item in feed causes XML::FeedPP to stop processing resolved Important 3 years ago 0.43
72523 BUG: $item->guid() returns link value instead of actual guid resolved 3 years ago
71318 timegm is not evaluated resolved 3 years ago
58422 XML::FeedPP cannot be subclassed resolved Important 3 years ago
73895 feedPP and session ID resolved 3 years ago
65004 URL causes parser crash resolved Important 3 years ago 0.42
53848 (No subject) resolved Critical 10 years ago 0.41
67268 Wrong return value of description() with xhtml content in atom feeds resolved Important 10 years ago 0.42
55197 Not a HASH reference at /home/dom/perl5/lib/perl5/XML/ line 2260 resolved Normal 10 years ago 0.41
56719 (No subject) resolved Wishlist 10 years ago 0.41
36269 Pseudo-hashes are deprecated at line 2104 resolved Important 11 years ago
34107 Atom and RSS feeds fail to merge resolved 11 years ago 0.34
44082 parse method refuses feeds with UTF-8 BOM resolved Normal 12 years ago 0.38
36270 Invalid feed source in RSS feeds resolved Important 12 years ago 0.35
41771 possible bug in $item->guid resolved 12 years ago
42472 items with 2 titles break the parser resolved 12 years ago
36890 XML::FeedPP doesn't seem to accept two-digit date format resolved 12 years ago

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