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ID Subject Status Severity Last Updated Broken in Fixed in
43371 Test::Deep dies resolved 4 years ago
78378 array_each() carps being fed with a non-ref resolved Normal 4 years ago 0.110
78288 Confusing diagnostics resolved 4 years ago
81168 T:D:Any overloads the wrong operator resolved 5 years ago
81167 comparator junctions modify operands resolved 5 years ago
85785 cmp_deeply sometimes wrong compare regexps in perl 5.8.9 resolved Normal 5 years ago 0.110
102629 metadata doesn't have github repo in it resolved Normal 5 years ago 0.115
68295 Do not export functions only used internally resolved Normal 6 years ago 0.108
81169 junctions mixed up in doc resolved 6 years ago
16306 methods doens't work for AUTOLOADed methods resolved Normal 6 years ago 0.093
27699 Test::Deep EXPORTS not documented (was "exports pathological blessed()") resolved Normal 6 years ago 0.096
60567 Documentation: list methods exported (conflicts with other packages is possible) resolved Normal 6 years ago 0.106
72539 feature request: noneof() resolved Wishlist 6 years ago
86070 Add github repo to metadata resolved 7 years ago
78254 Preliminary thoughts re new new feature: comparison function for comparing an arrayref with ordering as if it were a hashref resolved 8 years ago
79361 Missing word in error message resolved Unimportant 8 years ago 0.110
26115 Test::Deep breaks ->isa() resolved Critical 9 years ago 0.096
77804 listmethods() fails in v0.109 resolved Important 9 years ago 0.109
64983 [FR] Method is_not_deeply resolved Wishlist 9 years ago
30394 Should not directly call UNIVERSAL::isa and ::can resolved Normal 9 years ago
74760 Test-Deep does not play well with Test-MockObject resolved Important 9 years ago 0.108
55191 PATCH: cmp_deeply() 6x speedup on large arrays of strings resolved Normal 10 years ago
8893 INSTALLDIRS=perl should not be set. resolved Normal 10 years ago
48587 Test::Deep-0.104 still fails the same with perl-5.10.1-RC1-3 resolved 10 years ago
47946 Test::Deep-0.104 test failures resolved 10 years ago
30321 Wacky version number in distro tarball seems to break CPAN resolved 10 years ago
48452 [PATCH] Version 5.10.1 should be treated the same as 5.10.0 resolved 10 years ago
51731 [Patch] POD nits resolved 10 years ago 0.106
61741 Bleadperl fb85c04 breaks Test-Deep 0.106 resolved Normal 10 years ago 0.106
54362 Test::Deep prototype warning with Moose resolved Normal 11 years ago 0.106
43860 make cmp_details exportable resolved Wishlist 12 years ago
27731 Expose (somehow) output of deep_diag() after call to eq_deeply() resolved Wishlist 12 years ago
36373 Exporting 'isa' by default makes class difficult to use with Exporter resolved Important 13 years ago 0.099
35605 Test::Deep probably does not work with Test::Testers < 0.107 resolved 13 years ago 0.100
35848 Comparisons with sets of multiple all() or any() structures fails resolved Normal 13 years ago 0.099
32699 [PATCH] teach Test::Deep the new REGEXP base in 5.11 resolved Normal 13 years ago 0.099
32397 undef for expected causes crash resolved Wishlist 13 years ago 0.099
26611 weaken not implemented resolved Normal 13 years ago 0.096
28651 possible to use num() with array_each/hash_each? resolved 13 years ago
18761 Test::Deep::useclass() not defined resolved Important 15 years ago 0.094
16036 bag of methods induces deep recursion resolved Normal 15 years ago 0.092
15231 eq_deeply() is not quite ready for general use - diagnostics on exceptions resolved Normal 15 years ago 0.089
13773 Test::Deep failures with newer Test::Tester resolved Important 15 years ago 0.087
5869 Using methods() for methods returning lists resolved Wishlist 17 years ago
2919 [BUG] Scalar::Util pre-req version wrong resolved Normal 17 years ago 0.05

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