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IDSubjectStatusSeverityLast UpdatedBroken inFixed in
88047 [PATCH] minor spelling errors in POD resolved 8 years ago
79641 Using comment in template causes error. resolved 8 years ago
79151 5.17.3: t/05_tt_base.t FAILs resolved 8 years ago
86997 Wide character in subroutine entry - UTF8 problem resolved 8 years ago
76570 Template::Alloy doesn't handle wide characters in a template resolved Critical 8 years ago 1.016
69966 DUMP broken when called inside block in same file resolved Normal 8 years ago 1.015
64494 Have an AUTO_FILTER directive resolved Wishlist 10 years ago 1.015
42214 Template::Alloy fails to store the AST or Compiled perl code on Windows resolved Important 10 years ago 1.013
50686 TT2 emulation FILTER html should not convert ' to ' resolved 10 years ago
44093 [patch] POD errors in Template::Alloy::VMethod resolved 10 years ago 1.013
62770 Bleadperl fb85c04 breaks T:A 1.013 resolved Normal 10 years ago 1.013
30430 memory leak (circular reference) resolved Important 13 years ago 1.008
39128 FOREACH item IN rs.all does not work with rs.all being one element resolved Normal 13 years ago 1.012
38934 PLUGIN_BASE replaces Template::Plugin resolved Normal 13 years ago 1.012
36578 (No subject) resolved Normal 13 years ago 1.012
28280 mistakes resolved Unimportant 13 years ago 1.006
27792 unexpected incompatibility with TT resolved Important 14 years ago 1.004

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