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IDSubjectStatusSeverityLast UpdatedBroken inFixed in
89778 Could be a configure_requires problem (or me doing something wrong) resolved 7 years ago 2.4.36
91220 shipwright update --follow sometimes fails resolved 7 years ago 2.4.37
91303 Shipwright is thinking a module that is no longer in core, is still in core resolved 7 years ago
89729 Fwd: Suggested fix for an archive processing problem I ran into w/Shipwright resolved 8 years ago
70359 Warnings on every command resolved Normal 9 years ago 2.4.30
70149 Update Vessel when something is updated in the yard resolved Normal 10 years ago 2.4.29
70199 Proxy support in Shipyard resolved Wishlist 10 years ago 2.4.29
68782 Shipwright::Manual::Tutorial has an error for importing perl resolved Normal 10 years ago 2.4.26
56452 uninitialized value in substitution during CPAN import resolved 11 years ago 2.4.8
55663 checking for File::Path compatible version is missing resolved Critical 11 years ago
54280 dependencies on secondary modules in other dists not handled correctly resolved 11 years ago
52299 create command does not accept repository arg in the same order as update, etc resolved Normal 11 years ago 2.4.3
50540 -z `which readlink` doesn't work resolved 11 years ago
50797 seemingly no support for configure_requires in M::I-based distributions (and maybe others) resolved Normal 11 years ago 2.4.3
49928 git tests fail badly resolved Important 12 years ago 2.4.2
49832 Module::Build patching has strange interactions with some distros resolved 12 years ago 2.4.1
45875 shipwright-builder failure on B::Hooks::OP::Check resolved Normal 12 years ago 2.2.0
48388 cpan install fails on t/00.load - add File::Path 2.07 to Makefile.PL resolved Important 12 years ago 2.3.3
48179 (No subject) resolved Important 12 years ago 2.3.1
47789 'shipwright update' should report failure if it fails to update resolved 12 years ago 2.2.1
47095 (No subject) resolved 12 years ago
47999 Shipwright breaks importing modules that use Module::Install resolved Important 12 years ago
46940 --install-base=~/something doesn't expand the ~ resolved 12 years ago
45121 shipwright import -r fs:/tmp/MojoMojo cpan:MojoMojo Failure resolved Important 12 years ago 2.1.6
45128 Test failure during bin/shipwright-builder (after shipwright import of MojoMojo) resolved Normal 12 years ago 2.1.8
36293 Broken link in SEE ALSO resolved Normal 12 years ago 1.01
40849 test suite does not clean up its mess resolved 13 years ago 1.15
39443 FS Backend is broken resolved Important 13 years ago 1.14_01
38488 Shipwright-1.11 build break resolved 13 years ago
37739 needs way to update path to source repository resolved Normal 13 years ago
  • 1.0
  • 1.01
37791 shipwright update tries to svn export to existing tmpdir resolved Normal 13 years ago 1.01

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