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IDSubjectStatusSeverityLast UpdatedBroken inFixed in
116554 Unconditional @INC localisation resolved 5 years ago 0.68
88567 Re: Module::Load::Conditional and taint mode resolved 8 years ago
83728 requires() function reports funny things if module prints to STDOUT resolved Normal 8 years ago 0.54
78911 [PATCH] test fix-up for VMS resolved 9 years ago
65601 fix pod warnings against podchecker resolved Unimportant 10 years ago 0.42
44488 Usage question using Module::Load::Conditional resolved 10 years ago
60916 (No subject) resolved Critical 10 years ago 0.38
59767 module::load::conditional breaks when loading modules with weird versions resolved 10 years ago
53546 [PATCH] _parse_version performance improvement resolved Normal 11 years ago
50926 Convert Module-Load-Conditional test files from DOS EOLs to UNIX EOLs resolved Normal 12 years ago 0.32
48062 fails to work with coderefs in @INC resolved 12 years ago
42140 01_Module_Load_Conditional.t support VMS in UNIX compatible mode. resolved Normal 12 years ago 0.28
42282 test fail on MSWin32 resolved Normal 12 years ago 0.28
41264 [PATCH] for VMS to get 01_module_load_conditional.t to pass. resolved 12 years ago 0.26
32817 $INC{'Module/Load/'} isn't canonicalized under Win32 resolved 13 years ago
31680 Module::Load::Conditional is not taint-safe with $FIND_VERSION on resolved Important 13 years ago 0.22
28873 [PATCH] portability fixes for tests resolved 14 years ago
24624 Module::Load::Conditional 0.16 is MUCH better - but is still confused by a few versions resolved 14 years ago
18892 Security Hole Renders Module::Load::Conditional unuseable under taint checking resolved Critical 15 years ago 0.08

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