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IDSubjectStatusSeverityLast UpdatedBroken inFixed in
121331 t/55-yaml.t fails (0.31) resolved 4 years ago
121330 Locale-specific error (0.31) resolved 4 years ago
118219 Removal of . from @INC causes problems for Config::Any::Perl resolved 4 years ago
113148 Please make Module::Pluggable a dependency of Config::Any resolved 5 years ago
104079 File parse errors silently ignored in v0.25 resolved Important 6 years ago 0.25
103061 load_files pollute $@ resolved 6 years ago
86959 Fallback to core module JSON::PP resolved 7 years ago
87779 typo fix resolved 8 years ago 0.23
85539 tests fail if XML::LibXML is not installed resolved 8 years ago
62930 Config-Any-0.20 does not handle ref-to-constant in Dumper format resolved 10 years ago
40948 Either bad test or undeclared dependency resolved Normal 12 years ago 0.15
40972 message asking to install support modules contains "ARRAY(0x9577fe8)" resolved 12 years ago
40830 Subclassing in the Config::Any Namespace resolved 12 years ago
38927 Should die if conf file found but driver deps missing resolved 12 years ago
32995 (No subject) resolved Normal 13 years ago 0.11
32726 Config::Any::Ini sections with normal key/values and subsections is broken resolved Critical 13 years ago 0.10
30123 RFC: multiple yaml documents in a single file resolved Normal 13 years ago
28812 Multiple load of Config::Any::Perl files fails resolved 14 years ago 0.08
25143 make tests fails resolved Critical 14 years ago 0.06
25051 Config::Any - Compliments, and feature requests resolved Wishlist 14 years ago

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