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IDSubjectStatusSeverityLast UpdatedBroken inFixed in
24299 Carp::Assert::More doesn't behave like Carp::Assert resolved Important 7 years ago
42812 Add assert_unlike() function resolved 9 years ago
28444 would love to see assert_undefined resolved Wishlist 9 years ago
16875 assert_nonempty fails on blessed ref resolved Normal 9 years ago 1.12
39395 assert_nonblank("", $name) does not fail with $name [patch] resolved 9 years ago 1.12
45405 Minor doc bug: assert_nonnegative_integer() resolved Unimportant 9 years ago 1.12
11524 Doc/Code mismatch in positive integers resolved 16 years ago
8039 $name is not passed consistently resolved Unimportant 16 years ago 1.02
8164 Adding Carp::Assert::More for Debian resolved 16 years ago
8038 assert_isa does ref(), not isa() resolved Important 17 years ago 1.02
8037 assert_negative example is flawed resolved Unimportant 17 years ago 1.02
7884 A patch to add assert_hashref and assert_listref, and fix make test on debian-stable resolved 17 years ago
7601 Add an assert_like() and assert_one_of() method resolved 17 years ago
1463 Add nuemric asserts resolved 19 years ago
1440 see also resolved Normal 19 years ago 0.02
1464 Assertions for refs resolved 19 years ago
1439 Add assert_fail() resolved 19 years ago

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