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This queue is for tickets about the CPAN-Mini CPAN distribution.




ID Subject Status Severity Last Updated Broken in Fixed in
93195 unable to contact the remote mirror resolved 6 years ago
69690 read_config should expanded path if ~ is used resolved 7 years ago
37001 Patch for CPAN::Mini to get remote mirror from or config resolved Wishlist 7 years ago
14775 minicpan doesn't create symlink trees resolved Wishlist 7 years ago 0.36
55274 config_file() method: its documentation is at variance with the way it is used resolved Normal 7 years ago 1.100630
55272 When use-d in other module, CPAN::Mini throws warnings and leads to test failures resolved Important 7 years ago 0.576
65263 CPAN::Mini installation is tricky because of File::HomeDir resolved Normal 7 years ago
67628 Croaks if output dir isn't -w resolved Normal 7 years ago
68395 zero-conf resolved 7 years ago
71508 Add location of mirrors to minicpan docs resolved 7 years ago
75648 t/app.t fails if user .minicpanrc is invalid resolved Normal 7 years ago
77467 [PATCH] Return tmpdir from config_dir in t/app.t resolved 7 years ago
77428 Cleaning up directory resolved Wishlist 7 years ago 1.111008
42219 Sanity check the index files resolved 7 years ago
71560 trace calls log_info resolved Important 8 years ago 1.111007
57388 minicpan without a config file crashes at startup resolved Critical 9 years ago 1.100630
50127 bioperl 1.6.1 isn't retrieved by minicpan resolved 10 years ago
58375 find-ls.gz resolved Wishlist 10 years ago 1.100630
41206 [WISHLIST] Write a minimal RECENT file for the mirror resolved 12 years ago
38907 Warning flood in quiet mode with perl 5.10 resolved 12 years ago
35878 More things to add to skip_perl resolved Unimportant 12 years ago
36302 [PATCH] Reject configuration keys that have no non-whitespace values; strip last spaces of each configuration line. resolved Important 12 years ago 0.571
40668 CPAN::Mini needs to use File::HomeDir resolved Normal 12 years ago
36124 Cannot connect through proxy since 0.569 without a hack resolved Normal 12 years ago 0.569
32466 also_mirror indices downloads them twice resolved Normal 12 years ago 0.565
35563 offline support doesn't work resolved 12 years ago
26905 clean_unmirrored does not remove old files resolved Important 13 years ago 0.551
29592 Index files (02* and 03*) not mirrored resolved Normal 13 years ago 0.562
21969 Missing dependency of Compress::Zlib resolved Unimportant 14 years ago 0.550
21699 minicpan documentation patch resolved Unimportant 14 years ago 0.550
8437 Some options not documented. resolved Unimportant 14 years ago
19322 NOTICE: Critical changes to File::HomeDir API resolved Important 14 years ago
15028 One last change to reunify CPAN::Mini with my fork resolved Wishlist 14 years ago 0.37_02
17209 (No subject) resolved Normal 14 years ago
14435 Quiet mode does not suppress HTTP errors resolved Important 15 years ago 0.36
9475 minicpan does not identify home directory properly in Windows etc. resolved Normal 15 years ago 0.32
11625 Filters are needed for CPAN::Mini resolved Wishlist 15 years ago
9472 [WISHLIST] filter by subroutine resolved Wishlist 16 years ago 0.32
9212 perl5.00402-bindist04-msvcAlpha downloaded with skip_perl enabled resolved Normal 16 years ago 0.24
9213 CPAN::Mini loses sync if previous run is not perfect resolved Important 16 years ago 0.24
8438 Erroneously assumes nothing to do if index files are up to date resolved Unimportant 16 years ago
7737 Deletes .DS_Store files during mirroring resolved Normal 16 years ago 0.18
7727 Mirroring broken on Win32 resolved Important 16 years ago 0.16

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