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IDSubjectStatusSeverityLast UpdatedBroken inFixed in
74755 spec: provides does not account for generated files resolved Normal 8 years ago
81160 every CPAN package fails for me in CPAN::Meta::Converter, always at line 358 (add_string_requirement) resolved 8 years ago
77296 Documentation for meta-spec version is confusing resolved 8 years ago
84247 CPAN::Meta::Converter forces version to '0' when there's no version in "provides" resolved 8 years ago
75424 CPAN::Meta::Converter zeroes out version ranges resolved 9 years ago
75427 CPAN::Meta::Requirements should handle bad versions more gracefully resolved Important 9 years ago
74662 Memory leak in CPAN::Meta::Converter resolved Important 9 years ago
69979 YAML fail resolved Important 10 years ago 2.112150
71036 [PATCH] Spelling fix resolved 10 years ago
70936 fails with non-ASCII names on 5.8.6 and before resolved 10 years ago
67295 Causes Makefile.PL to die on ANDK/CPAN-Testers-ParseReport-0.1.18.tar.bz2 resolved Important 10 years ago 2.110930
65925 Fix pod warnings against podchecker resolved Unimportant 10 years ago 2.110440
66135 POD: replace references to deprecated M::B::ModuleInfo with Module::Metadata resolved Unimportant 10 years ago 2.110550
69045 clarify file format for "provides" resolved Unimportant 10 years ago 2.110930
68738 Broken URLS resolved 10 years ago
65657 Problem parsing Meta.yml with references resolved 10 years ago 2.110390
67188 CPAN::Meta->as_string looking at the module version, not the meta version resolved Critical 10 years ago
67191 2.110910 is not in the repository resolved Normal 10 years ago 2.110910
67096 CPAN::Meta::Converter should probably map gpl to open_source resolved Important 10 years ago 2.110580
66118 release_status is missing from CPAN::Meta::Spec SYNOPSIS resolved Unimportant 10 years ago 2.110540
60017 bugtracker URLs are lost during upgrade resolved 11 years ago
58314 artistic2 should be artistic_2 resolved 11 years ago
58268 %license_downgrade_map is wrong for restricted license resolved 11 years ago 2.101591

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