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IOANR, spang


IDSubjectStatusSeverityLast UpdatedBroken inFixed in
64184 Fails test resolved Critical 10 years ago 0.74
64693 Hiveminder sync fails because a DateTime isn't stringified resolved 10 years ago
65668 Bareword "extra_tests" not allowed while... resolved Normal 10 years ago 0.74
64674 The progress bar when pulling prints literal ^Ms, or something funky resolved 10 years ago
65776 minor pod lint against git resolved Unimportant 10 years ago 0.74
65861 Fails to install with Mouse 0.87 resolved 10 years ago
49528 publish --html HTML still doesn't handle non-ASCII correctly resolved 10 years ago
54133 "sd help commands" resolved Wishlist 10 years ago 0.74
62409 Port for SD browser resolved 10 years ago
62408 Make -h more discoverable resolved 10 years ago
63850 sd browse gives me "Single parameters to new() must be a HASH ref at /usr/local/share/perl/5.10.1/Prophet/CLI/Command/ line 44" resolved 10 years ago
54134 "sd help clone" takes me to the wrong place resolved Wishlist 11 years ago 0.74
54136 A more pleasent error message for missing optional deps? resolved Wishlist 11 years ago 0.74
60965 sd browser doesn't work if someone is using it's port resolved 11 years ago
60358 sd help browser doesn't give any docs resolved Unimportant 11 years ago 0.74
49527 Pushing does not propagate failures from rsync resolved 12 years ago
49131 No content-type set in 'sd server' resolved 12 years ago
49127 'sd' should support '-V' or '--version' resolved 12 years ago
49118 'config edit' in the interactive shell doesn't reload config resolved 12 years ago
49105 can not sync with rt.cpan either resolved Important 12 years ago 0.70
49117 Error pushing to a trac replica resolved 12 years ago
49295 Better error message for a push to a non-existant repository resolved 12 years ago
49119 Store persistent history for 'sd' interactive shell resolved 12 years ago
49130 CPAN dist is missing share/static/css resolved 12 years ago
49129 Missing dependency on Test::Cukes and Text::Greeking. resolved 12 years ago
49116 `sd help config' incorrectly references `help ticket-summary-format' resolved 12 years ago

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