This queue is for tickets about the Tripletail CPAN distribution.




IDSubjectStatusSeverityLast UpdatedBroken inFixed in
21011 (No subject) resolved Unimportant 15 years ago 0.15
21024 patch to compile Tripletail::SMIME under Windows resolved Important 15 years ago 0.15
21029 Tripletail::HtmlFilter compilation fail: no _strncasecmp resolved Critical 15 years ago 0.15
21071 datetime.t error resolved Important 15 years ago
29275 [wishlist] separate Tripletail::SMIME distribution from main branch resolved Unimportant 14 years ago
30956 doc/Makefile.PL does not work with BSD make resolved Normal 14 years ago 0.38
42488 Undeclared dependency on LWP resolved Normal 8 years ago 0.45

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