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This queue is for tickets about the Getopt-Euclid CPAN distribution.




ID Subject Status Severity Last Updated Broken in Fixed in
87592 Small improvement for extending Getopt::Euclid usage resolved 2 years ago
87804 Bleadperl v5.19.2-257-gc30fc27 breaks FANGLY/Getopt-Euclid-0.4.3.tar.gz resolved 2 years ago
87590 Options parsed as argument of previous option with optional placeholders resolved 2 years ago
83221 Metadata not updated since 0.3.8 resolved Normal 3 years ago 0.3.9
76728 Getopt::Euclid bug: it chokes when one option value is a substring of another option value resolved 3 years ago
81630 Test failures due to hash randomisation in perl 5.17.6 resolved Important 3 years ago 0.3.8
78854 Unwanted interpolation of $ sign in .type field resolved Normal 3 years ago 0.3.6
78702 Bug-Tracker link broken resolved Normal 3 years ago 0.3.6
78701 Metadata and Dist versioning missmatch resolved 3 years ago
75327 'version' in META.yml inconsistent with versions everywhere else resolved Unimportant 4 years ago 0.3.5
49525 Quoted arguments can get parsed as options resolved Important 4 years ago 0.2.1
75044 defined @array deprecated in perl 5.6 resolved Normal 4 years ago 0.3.4
71165 Undeclared @arg variable resolved 4 years ago
61310 Documentation unclear: Must there be at most one repeatable argument which must be final? resolved Normal 4 years ago v0.2.2
38054 defaults should be able to leverage $ENV resolved Normal 4 years ago v0.2.0
70942 libgetopt-euclid-perl: 0.2.9 does not recognise options in a =head2 inside =head1 OPTIONS resolved 4 years ago
34200 Incompatibility with Regexp::Common resolved 4 years ago v0.2.0
61438 Need the possibility of distinguishing between option not used or used without optional argument - added field 'no_val' resolved Important 4 years ago 0.0.2
69324 Getopt::Euclid v0.2.4 bug resolved 4 years ago
69425 Missing dependency resolved Critical 4 years ago
69105 State license in META.yaml resolved Normal 4 years ago v0.2.3
29301 Getopt::Euclid incompatable with ActiveState's perlapp. resolved 4 years ago
23406 Placeholder type error ... error resolved 4 years ago
34199 Malformed spec with alias causes silent default value breakage resolved Normal 4 years ago v0.2.0
38461 ".type = writable" check on VMS incorrect: passes or fails by coincidence resolved Important 4 years ago v0.1.0
34207 .type.error ignored if additional placeholder constraint is evaluated resolved Normal 4 years ago v0.2.0
34195 Prevent command line processing during compilation only runs resolved Important 4 years ago v0.2.0
61321 Fails depending on writability of untarred files resolved Normal 5 years ago v0.2.2
35895 Bug with line delimeters (tests and fix included) resolved Critical 5 years ago v0.2.0 v0.2.2
49524 OPTIONS read as REQUIRED ARGUMENTS when a =cut is in between the sections resolved Normal 5 years ago 0.2.1
55259 easy feature request... resolved 5 years ago v0.2.2
28474 (No subject) resolved Normal 5 years ago v0.1.0 v0.2.2
54639 POD doc: minor typo of sigle for single resolved Unimportant 6 years ago 0.2.1
34807 Bleadperl@32857 breakage resolved Important 6 years ago v0.1.0
49425 Version support resolved 6 years ago
43838 using an unconstrained repeated unflagged placeholder resolved 6 years ago
37182 Variable "%STD_CONSTRAINT_FOR" will not stay shared resolved Normal 6 years ago v0.2.0
26206 Should exit with non-zero status on errors resolved 6 years ago
23383 VERSION should extract from use version resolved Wishlist 6 years ago
34196 Stray $DB::single in resolved Normal 6 years ago v0.2.0
38413 Feature request or doc update resolved 6 years ago
29918 Unexpected results with notation =item -F and =item -[T|template] resolved Normal 7 years ago v0.1.0
20096 Aliased option names resolved 7 years ago
22502 Exporting Vars does not Always Export resolved Important 7 years ago v0.0.8
46001 Getopt::Euclid dies at compile time resolved 7 years ago
18002 Possible for Getopt-Euclid to report bad arguments without compile abort? resolved Wishlist 9 years ago v0.0.5
18778 Required Arguments cause "perl -c" to fail resolved Normal 9 years ago v0.0.5
14238 Eronious error resolved Normal 9 years ago 0.0.4
14164 attempt to load the wrong module (POD::Text instead of Pod::Text) resolved Important 9 years ago 0.0.4
16196 It required POD::Text but I only have Pod::Text (which works fine when I change resolved Important 9 years ago 0.0.4
21169 Some POD corrections resolved 9 years ago v0.0.5

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