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IDSubjectStatusSeverityLast UpdatedBroken inFixed in
12460 ExtUtils::Manifest doesn't understand filenames with spaces resolved Wishlist 13 years ago
13079 ExtUtils::Manifest::manicopy: no chmod done resolved Normal 14 years ago
13622 wish: solve the problem of many identical MANIFEST.SKIP files resolved Wishlist 14 years ago
16172 ExtUtils::Manifest should strip CRLF/NL off MANIFEST.SKIP resolved Wishlist 15 years ago
19416 An empty MANIFEST.SKIP with generate a blank MANIFEST resolved Normal 15 years ago
21283 ExtUtils::Manifest does not follow symlinks resolved Unimportant 6 years ago 1.66
21985 Quiet warning in Manifest.t resolved Unimportant 15 years ago 1.48
22801 Way to include the default MANIFEST.SKIP resolved Wishlist 15 years ago
25377 [PATCH] fix VMS test failures resolved Important 13 years ago 1.51
28361 [Fwd: [PATCH] Changes to ExtUtils::Manifest documentation] resolved 14 years ago
34414 allow spaces in filenames when 'quoted' resolved 13 years ago
39823 Add .gitignore to MANIFEST.SKIP resolved Wishlist 13 years ago 1.54
39934 [PATCH] test nit with space in filename on VMS resolved 13 years ago
42146 Add support for VMS in UNIX or extended characer set mode. resolved Normal 12 years ago 1.55
45016 [PATCH] ExtUtils::Manifest::maniskip() incorrectly parses some lines with comments and internal whitespace filenames resolved Important 12 years ago 1.54
45140 !m/Skipped.*Quiet/ resolved Unimportant 12 years ago 1.56
47401 Enhancements to MANIFEST.SKIP from Module::Build resolved Wishlist 12 years ago
50923 Add ^MYMETA to default skip list resolved Normal 11 years ago
57046 Tests fail if $ENV{PERL_MM_MANIFEST_VERBOSE} is set to a false value. resolved 6 years ago 1.66
57586 whole-name-quoted filename can't be read resolved Important 6 years ago 1.66
60597 Add \..*\.swp$ to MANIFEST.SKIP resolved Wishlist 7 years ago 1.58
72933 Add .prove file to default MANIFEST.SKIP resolved Wishlist 7 years ago 1.60

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