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IDSubjectStatusSeverityLast UpdatedBroken inFixed in
27222 parse_interval will not parse '-100:33:00' resolved Critical 14 years ago 0.15
47604 Empty META.yml prevents installation resolved Critical 12 years ago 0.16003 0.16004
25642 Cannot parse its own formated datetimes resolved Important 11 years ago 0.14
72706 (No subject) resolved Important 9 years ago 0.16006
6557 format_datetime silently truncates sub-second digits resolved Important 17 years ago 0.05 0.060
11898 format_interval is missing and format_duration is inconsistent with rest of module resolved Normal 16 years ago 0.07 0.08
29635 Won't parse intervals, e.g. "16:05:00" or even better "26:05:00" resolved 13 years ago
8516 Missing _fix_seconds subroutine resolved 16 years ago 0.07 0.08
68473 Postgresql 'date' types now support the infinity value resolved 10 years ago
2605 bug fixes to Pg resolved 18 years ago

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