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IDSubjectStatusSeverityLast UpdatedBroken inFixed in
35588 Do not try to store in cache too big values resolved Wishlist 13 years ago 0.10
36074 Broken Makefile generated with older ExtUtils::MakeMaker resolved Unimportant 13 years ago
37588 Syntax error in src/Makefile resolved Critical 13 years ago 0.10
39628 win32 patch resolved Wishlist 13 years ago
41077 disconnect_all implementation resolved Wishlist 12 years ago 0.13
43537 _multi called with empty array causes segfault resolved Critical 6 years ago 0.14
44036 How to determine a timeout has occurred? resolved Important 12 years ago 0.14
46883 t/commands.t fails under memcached gt 1.3.2 resolved Critical 12 years ago
56142 Can't handle Readonly scalar as expire time. resolved Important 11 years ago
57150 t/magic.t multiple failures resolved Important 8 years ago 0.19
67106 Failed test at magic.t resolved 8 years ago
70195 utf-8 flag is not retained resolved Normal 9 years ago 0.19
77254 typo in POD documentation resolved 8 years ago
81782 Unnecessary string eval in constructor resolved Wishlist 8 years ago 0.19
92678 behaviour with utf8=0 resolved Wishlist 7 years ago
93936 request for clarification about status of utf8 flag resolved Wishlist 7 years ago
120440 [PATCH] Build fails with recent EUMM and some make variants resolved 3 years ago 0.23 0.25

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