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IDSubjectStatusSeverityLast UpdatedBroken inFixed in
80563 (No subject) resolved Unimportant 7 months ago 1.1902
16067 doc: small mistake in first example (sprint instead of sprintf) resolved 15 years ago
124792 just a small doc bug resolved 7 months ago
8576 LCSidx not properly exported resolved Important 15 years ago 1.1901
20650 missing parameter to compare callback resolved 15 years ago
101105 [PATCH] 2x faster LCS resolved 5 months ago
104801 [PATCH] fix "Expected text after item not a number" POD errors resolved 7 months ago
105586 Please add a license to meta resolved 7 months ago
131460 request for help with Algorithm::Diff resolved 7 months ago
84981 Spelling corrections for docs resolved 7 months ago 1.1902
59789 Spelling error in manpage resolved Wishlist 7 months ago 1.1902
6161 s/traverse_sequences/traverse_balanced/ in pod resolved Normal 17 years ago 1.15

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