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IDSubjectStatusSeverityLast UpdatedBroken inFixed in
124627 meet an issue when using XML::LibXML rejected 3 years ago
121202 XMLin() mysteriously recodes UTF-8 input to Latin-1 rejected 4 years ago
95865 Incorrect XML is produced with empty nested arrays rejected 5 years ago
82680 (No subject) rejected Wishlist 5 years ago
108956 XML::Simple doesn't encode unprintable characters rejected 5 years ago 2.18
86766 Problem related to character encoding rejected 8 years ago
47090 NoNewlines would be a nice enhancement rejected 9 years ago
31074 XML::Simple breaks when the perl profiler is used rejected Important 9 years ago
  • 2.16
  • 2.18
37560 XML::Simple knows only 3 levels rejected 9 years ago
51478 XMLin() mapping of an element changes when there is an attribute called "name". rejected 11 years ago
50861 A seldom xml node issues rejected 12 years ago
48000 bug rejected 12 years ago
45025 XMLin keyattr=> default with name rejected Normal 12 years ago 2.18
44668 xml simple parser showing error when content contain TELEFÓNICA rejected 12 years ago
34593 bug in XMLout with lists of items rejected 13 years ago
34447 XMLout change XML structure rejected 13 years ago
29896 Bug in XMLout rejected 14 years ago
28730 usage of ´ in xml tags rejected 14 years ago
24154 Attribute name changes parsed data structure rejected 14 years ago
20367 test failures on install rejected Important 15 years ago 2.14
15345 XML-Simple does not install with XML-SAX 0.13 rejected Important 15 years ago 2.14
18929 XMLout($data, $fh) breaks when $fh is a filehandle, not an IO::Handle object rejected Normal 15 years ago 2.14
17687 Meddling with $/ screws up UTF-8 decoding rejected 15 years ago
18393 CDATA bug rejected Important 15 years ago 2.14

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