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Update: The bug tracker service is no longer shutting down.

This queue is for tickets about the Text-CSV_XS CPAN distribution.




ID Subject Status Severity Last Updated Broken in Fixed in
130579 Using getline() after bind_columns() returns undef even though data exists rejected 1 years ago
129493 Version Text-CSV_XS-1.39 - Error while compiling (encrypt.h) rejected 1 years ago
128984 bug-Text-CSV_XS rejected 1 years ago
127256 macOS Mojave (10.14) headers moved rejected 2 years ago
123657 t/51_utf8.t failure rejected 3 years ago 1.32
123147 strange behaviour regarding BOM detection rejected 3 years ago
122108 Bug report for Text::CSV_XS rejected 3 years ago
121350 bind_columns with old values rejected Normal 4 years ago
120145 Is setting eol to \r\n really a safe choice? rejected 4 years ago
116085 memory leak when using offset parameter to getline_all() rejected 4 years ago
107808 Tests Take a Very Long Time To Run / Should Be Made Optional rejected Wishlist 5 years ago
104758 mis-handling of allow_loose_quotes? rejected 6 years ago
101372 Should allow_loose_quotes fix error 2027 - EIQ - Quoted field not terminated? rejected 6 years ago
101337 Download link points to twice gzipped file rejected Unimportant 6 years ago
100258 Writing of NULL values doesn't appear to work rejected 6 years ago
100024 possible memory leak rejected 6 years ago
91599 Build failures rejected 7 years ago
89327 Text-CSV_XS-1.01.tgz on CPAN is corrupted rejected 7 years ago
80629 Access to fields by reference rejected Wishlist 8 years ago
77948 Installation of Text-CSV_XS-0.90 failed rejected 8 years ago
72529 allow_loose_quotes not compatible with commas within quotes rejected 9 years ago
68456 Install Failure on OS X rejected Critical 10 years ago
64748 (No subject) rejected 10 years ago 0.80
39528 META.yml references future YAML spec rejected Normal 12 years ago 0.54 0.54
39482 META.yml is world-writable rejected Normal 12 years ago 0.54
31491 broken with field that started with quoted char that followed by some other chars rejected Normal 13 years ago 0.32
30620 TSV with quotes in fields rejected Important 13 years ago 0.32
18703 Fails to use quote_char of '~' rejected Important 14 years ago 0.23

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