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IDSubjectStatusSeverityLast UpdatedBroken inFixed in
130689 security vulnerabilities discovered on Strawberry Perl and some Perl modules rejected 2 years ago
107463 Problem with ptardiff (or Archive::Tar) rejected 6 years ago
99457 portable version doesn't say it is portable rejected 6 years ago
52936 Missing perl core module I18N::Langinfo rejected 7 years ago
58512 Suggestion - including mod_perl in strawberry release rejected 7 years ago
50323 MSI installer - is <Condition ...>Privileged</Condition> necessary? (installation without admin privs) rejected 7 years ago
89593 F-Secure detects Gen:Variant.Graftor.62242 rejected 7 years ago
91520 Missing MIME\types.db from pp-generated code rejected 7 years ago
50283 5.12.* core/vendor/site issue (not all modules installed by user go to "site") rejected 8 years ago
50203 Strange difference between portable and non-portable 5.10.1 rejected 9 years ago
57194 Strawberry support for Net::LibIDN + libidn extlib rejected 9 years ago
74260 Failed installation of Win32::GuiTest rejected 9 years ago
70198 (No subject) rejected Important 10 years ago
65672 Installer shouldn't change default TERM to dumb rejected 10 years ago
37620 inconsistencies between unix perl and win32 strawberry perl rejected 10 years ago
62854 MINOR - Strawberry reports as '5.12.12' rejected 10 years ago
61690 Bundle Win32::Daemon in Strawberry rejected Wishlist 11 years ago 2.11
56435 Re: Spamassassin and openssl rejected 11 years ago
49594 1909 warnings while installing on Windows 7 rejected 11 years ago
53600 Bugreport gcc/dmake while "make Win32::Clipboard" rejected 11 years ago
52590 Cannot quit cpan using 'quit' or 'exit' rejected Unimportant 11 years ago 2.01
49962 - site/vendor/lib order rejected 12 years ago
49001 Ext-lib: SDL rejected 12 years ago
35765 RFE: Install without admin rights rejected Wishlist 12 years ago
30663 creating .dlls does not create corresponding .a file rejected 12 years ago
38044 Corrupt Setup.exe? rejected Critical 13 years ago 1.01
36185 Hash very slow rejected 13 years ago
32808 Can't install Net:::SMTP::Server rejected Normal 13 years ago
32789 DBD::ODBC -- Error code 129, while making 'ODBC.o' rejected Normal 13 years ago

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