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IDSubjectStatusSeverityLast UpdatedBroken inFixed in
131223 corrupted PDF generated rejected 4 weeks ago
132657 text appearing reversed rejected 2 months ago
129538 Updates to PDF 1.5+ files with cross reference stream are not rendering in Acrobat Reader rejected 2 years ago
114976 Huge memory consumption in page splitting rejected 4 years ago
121073 Negative offset to vec in lvalue context rejected Important 4 years ago 2.031
121269 2of5int barcode issue. rejected 4 years ago
120154 Exception when calling image_pdf with Path::Class::File-object rejected 4 years ago
121302 image insertion question - can't find documentation rejected Normal 4 years ago
121304 image height and width rejected Normal 4 years ago
117210 Error: "can't call method "realise" on an undefined value" while open a pdf-file rejected Important 5 years ago 2.028
113084 Unreproducible internal font IDs rejected 5 years ago
105579 Given same input, different (byte- and sizewise) PDF files are created rejected Normal 5 years ago 2.023
98543 miterlimit() return a value? rejected 5 years ago
98545 formimage() allow separate x and y scaling? rejected 5 years ago
98576 General notes on testing rejected 5 years ago
98572 various cleanup on rejected 5 years ago
98548 hooks for line-splitting rejected 5 years ago
98540 "developer method" future? rejected 5 years ago
98535 nl(width) not working rejected 5 years ago
98550 Fwd: cr(vert_offset) change documentation to match code rejected 5 years ago
98539 flatness() method not working? rejected 5 years ago
106020 Bug with recognizing PDF files via open_scalar rejected 6 years ago
101948 Modification of large PDF rejected 6 years ago
47883 Weird behavior with some TrueType Fonts rejected 7 years ago
92045 PDF::API2::Basic::PDF::File->copy() fails to copy properly rejected 7 years ago
42622 Many "Called UNIVERSAL::can() as a function" warnings rejected 7 years ago
81530 [PATCH} PDF::API2 don't destroy pdf object on stringify or save and saves but leave it to the user rejected 8 years ago
78780 Cropbox v.s. Bounding box rejected Normal 9 years ago
52540 PDF:API2 (version : 2.015) rejected 10 years ago
42824 Runtime-Error "Use of uninitialized value" Report in Apache2.2 log rejected 10 years ago
44747 [PATCH] Reduce PDF::API2 memory consumption rejected Wishlist 10 years ago
37330 (No subject) rejected Important 12 years ago 0.69
40961 PDF::API2-0.72 module tree deployment error rejected 12 years ago
34215 ImportPageIntoForm and Formimage produces unreadable PDF for adobe acrobat rejected Normal 13 years ago 0.66
39596 PDF-API2 BUG REPORT rejected 13 years ago
39597 PDF-API2 BUG REPORT rejected 13 years ago
27035 Can't insert a page in to a PDF with 8 pages rejected 13 years ago
26331 $pdf->image_png for color images really slow rejected 14 years ago
26982 CHANGELOG not up to date. rejected Normal 14 years ago 0.60

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