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IDSubjectStatusSeverityLast UpdatedBroken inFixed in
131764 New disconnect bug in Net::SFTP::Foreign 1.89 rejected 3 months ago
116178 Can't upload file to WS_FTP-SSH_7.7 server rejected 4 years ago
107130 Net::SFTP::Foreign Version 1.77, ls issue rejected 6 years ago
99979 Returned remote mtime of same files changing after daylight saving time swap rejected 6 years ago
81982 bug in NET::SFTP::Foreign disconnect method rejected 6 years ago
86300 Use of uninitialized value in numeric ne (!=) at Net/SFTP/Foreign/ line 79. rejected 6 years ago
93240 [+ possible solution] Password prompt matching requires colon, which may be missing rejected 6 years ago
97107 error while put using Net SFTP Foreign rejected 6 years ago
98899 IO::Pty required even though url contains username and pasword rejected 6 years ago
98727 Detect if the server support preserve timestamp or this specific error rejected 7 years ago
89208 error message from ssh connect failre not captured rejected 8 years ago 1.75
89211 error message formatting rejected 8 years ago 1.75
89209 constructor returns true on failure rejected 8 years ago 1.75
89210 autodie has limited use if it can't be overriden rejected 8 years ago 1.75
87220 setcwd unnecessarily canonicalizes the provided directory before issuing cwd command rejected 8 years ago
79878 (No subject) rejected 8 years ago
80384 Can't locate object method "_clear_error" rejected 8 years ago
80490 dualvar is only available with the XS version of Scalar::Util rejected 8 years ago
78517 signal 15 rejected 9 years ago
75745 Net::SFTP:Foreign, setcwd() error rejected 9 years ago
76927 Undefined variable value in length function rejected 9 years ago
67576 Net::SFTP::Foreign Password Bug rejected 10 years ago
58634 Couldn't set stat remote file. rejected 11 years ago
57386 Net-SFTP-Foreign Bug rejected 11 years ago
58209 Net-SFTP-Foreign forces my script to exit after timeout rejected Critical 11 years ago 1.57
57166 sftp foreign genearting DSA key error rejected 11 years ago
57167 bug SFTP::Foreign rejected Critical 11 years ago 1.57
52533 socksify SOCKS proxy support rejected Important 11 years ago 1.55
36866 Lots of warnings und mod_perl rejected Normal 13 years ago 1.38
37020 Password retry option rejected Wishlist 13 years ago 1.38
35495 "Identity Key Not Found Error" - But It Is There (and cmdline works) rejected 13 years ago 1.35
16629 Missing return code if sftp-connect fails rejected Important 15 years ago 0.57

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