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This queue is for tickets about the Moose CPAN distribution.




ID Subject Status Severity Last Updated Broken in Fixed in
131548 Moose enum triggers compile-time error when used in Kavorka signature rejected 1 years ago 2.2012
123825 Accessing a Moose Model rejected 3 years ago
121060 Can't locate... rejected 4 years ago
120017 can't run Moose tests in parallel rejected 4 years ago
117159 problem with role trait which consumes another role trait rejected 4 years ago
117325 Nested roles not flagging conflicts rejected 4 years ago
79299 union type constraint fails without predeclaration of component as class_type rejected Normal 4 years ago
74542 Lazy attributes don't work with ithreads rejected Important 4 years ago 2.0401
116799 Documentation for readers and writers is poor rejected Normal 5 years ago 2.1804
113395 How to produce proper error msg when Type coercion fails due to user-defined constraint rejected 5 years ago
100657 Circular dependency in Moose rejected 6 years ago
99362 Moose::Manual example does not follow Moose::Manual::BestPractices rejected 6 years ago 2.1213
98807 possible memory leaks rejected 6 years ago
96310 Moose::Exception subclassing bug rejected 7 years ago
91077 Moose::Exporter does not install subs identified by the target package name rejected 7 years ago 2.1107-TRIAL
93406 Moose::Cookbook::Legacy::Debugging_BaseClassReplacement doesnt indicate it has been updated rejected 7 years ago
92781 Check conflicting modules also after installing Moose rejected Wishlist 7 years ago
79673 supply attribute name to builder methods rejected Wishlist 7 years ago
91221 handles entries pollute Moose::Object with empty globs rejected 7 years ago
73765 coerce doesn't create type constraints on type names rejected Normal 7 years ago 2.0401
47031 Makes simple readers to install easily rejected Wishlist 7 years ago
63517 hook for package to describe attributes rejected 7 years ago
59697 Module::Refresh Errors on Immutable Classes with Roles rejected 7 years ago
77591 Return value of Class::MOP::Class::add_attribute (and Moose::Meta::Attribute equivalent) is undocumented rejected Unimportant 7 years ago 2.0602
78852 Moose::Cookbook::Meta::Table_MetaclassTrait docs don't use right pathing rejected 7 years ago
85157 Warnings when using with latest version of Package::Stash rejected 8 years ago
84194 Handking of white-spaces in conjunction with module names needs to be improved rejected Normal 8 years ago 2.0604
61989 Traits attribute checking breaks MooseX::Types composed types rejected Important 8 years ago 1.15
68889 regress fail in Moose-2.0008 rejected 8 years ago
67721 Moose 2.0000 install error from ActivePerl 5.12.2 rejected 8 years ago
45715 Moose and the debugger rejected Unimportant 8 years ago
79987 base_class_roles clobbered by extends rejected 8 years ago 2.0604
77587 Please avoid calling ref() on attribute values! rejected Wishlist 8 years ago 2.0602
77863 init_arg default and required. rejected 8 years ago
78291 missing curly brackets in attribute declaration can lead to segmentation fault rejected 9 years ago
73210 Problem with type-unions and attribute traits in v2 rejected Important 9 years ago 2.0000
76933 Test::Moose::attr_is rejected 9 years ago
75459 Why would you pass an argument to a builder? rejected Unimportant 9 years ago 2.0402
73800 How about native traits for design patterns? rejected Wishlist 9 years ago 2.0401
67587 Coercion does not apply to parameterized types rejected Normal 10 years ago 1.24
66093 Subtle change to constraint checks for Bool would help JSON parsing rejected 10 years ago
62755 cruft from old versions (Moose::Meta::Attribute::Native::MethodProvider::Array) rejected 10 years ago 1.19
62677 MooseX Regression rejected 10 years ago
61338 Moose 1.13 - The alias and excludes options for role application have been renamed rejected 10 years ago
58907 Moose predicate with default rejected Wishlist 11 years ago 0.92
55944 Can't call method "color" on an undefined value at t/000_recipes/basics-recipe10.t line 107 rejected Unimportant 11 years ago 0.99
55896 Moose doesn't work in "main" script(?) rejected 11 years ago
35545 perl core dumps with Moose and threads rejected 11 years ago
55369 Modifying an attribute in a role? rejected Normal 11 years ago 0.98
52095 Native Traits and Coercion rejected Important 11 years ago 0.93
49722 Moose::Object DESTROY still needs to localise more rejected 11 years ago
52537 Memory leak (cycle) Moose::Meta::Method::Delegation body member and $self rejected Normal 11 years ago 0.93
52538 Memory leak (cycle) Moose::Meta::Method::Accessor and Moose::Meta::Method::Constructor through $meta from environment rejected Normal 11 years ago 0.93
53865 shorter code (forgetting $self) rejected Wishlist 11 years ago
52982 Improve error msg when reserved word 'import' use as attribute rejected Normal 11 years ago 0.92
51486 defaults are applied before all args from new() are assigned rejected Important 11 years ago 0.92
50856 "Str" TypeConstraint does not allow string overloaded objects rejected Normal 11 years ago 0.92
40848 Inherited modified attributes destroy up-chain method-modifiers rejected Normal 12 years ago 0.61
41919 Unexpected behavior for Moose::Util::MetaRole get_attribute_map rejected Unimportant 12 years ago 0.63
39997 Missing "confess" definition in Moose::Util::TypeConstraints rejected Important 12 years ago 0.58
20615 Moose-0.11 install failures (prereqs) on win32 rejected 14 years ago

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