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IDSubjectStatusSeverityLast UpdatedBroken inFixed in
93660 Entity 'ndash' converts to Octal(342,200,223), want 226 rejected 7 years ago 5.03
93642 Method "as_HTML()" does not format new() elements. rejected 7 years ago 5.03
84479 look_down() not returning list context reliably rejected 8 years ago
83758 HTML-Tree improperly tagging strings as UTF8 rejected Important 8 years ago 4.2
83483 HTML:::Element $obj->pos() seems to have no effect rejected 8 years ago
82538 Undefined arguments cause noisy parser in perl 5.16 rejected Normal 8 years ago 5.03
79900 Can't install with cpan on Perl 5.8.7 rejected 9 years ago
33063 Feature request: suppress output of implicit elements by as_HTML rejected Important 9 years ago
27288 as_HTML() for frameset html code produces implicit <body> tag rejected 9 years ago
38398 TreeBuilder can broke tree with correct nesting rejected Wishlist 9 years ago
78256 Closing P tags entirely absent even in simple document parsing rejected Important 9 years ago
  • 3.23
  • 4.2
  • 5.02
66515 Use of uninitialized value in subroutine entry at /usr/lib/perl5/site_perl/5.8.8/HTML/ line 104. rejected Normal 9 years ago 4.1
46219 Debugger dies on parse() rejected 9 years ago
68621 cpan 'upgrade' invoked ./Build enters infinite? recursive loop rejected 9 years ago 4.2
41945 cpan(1) install fails on OS X rejected Important 9 years ago 3.23
57557 dump(*FH) method corrupts (just Hebrew?) utf8 wide characters rejected 9 years ago
64101 method to query whether an element is block or inline rejected Wishlist 10 years ago
64282 Feature request: $e->attr ("xxx") as lvalue sub rejected Wishlist 10 years ago
62725 Parser ignores last word if input string does not end with \n rejected 11 years ago
  • 3.23
  • 4.1
19724 Can't distinguish among ending tags rejected Important 11 years ago 3.20
42209 The word "value" appears if you supply value => undef to an input of type "text" rejected Normal 11 years ago
45069 test failure rejected Normal 11 years ago
58941 bug rejected 11 years ago
58879 as_HTML change breaks existing code rejected 11 years ago 3.23_1
33523 Incorrect parsing of nested inline elements rejected Important 11 years ago 3.23
38496 Use weak ref? rejected Wishlist 13 years ago
29805 as_text replaces /<br>/ with "", but a whitespace char would be better rejected Normal 14 years ago 3.23
20331 When I use replace_with_content the structure of the html seems to be destroyed rejected 15 years ago
12283 Use weaken to avoid ->delete()? rejected Wishlist 15 years ago 3.18
14966 "FORM" is always a daughter of "body"? rejected Normal 15 years ago 3.18

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