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IDSubjectStatusSeverityLast UpdatedBroken inFixed in
109126 Suggestion to modify the example code which makes the reader confused rejected 5 years ago
51021 Needs patch: Vars TIEHASH interface should accept arrayrefs for STORE rejected Wishlist 6 years ago
70284 POSTDATA rejected Important 6 years ago
89380 mod_perl 2.x: sometimes CGI params do not get refreshed on subsequent request rejected 6 years ago
77297 UTF-8 settings and binary file upload rejected 6 years ago
83365 Problem is in CGI/ when last rearranged param doesn't have any value. rejected Important 6 years ago
79027 PATH_INFO is not removed if it contains a double slash rejected 6 years ago
62446 LF only instead of CRLF breaks multiform POST data processing on file uploads from certain devices rejected 6 years ago 3.49
54055 Patch suggestion: enable reading from an arbitrary handle rejected Normal 6 years ago
91136 upload() requires cgi object reference rejected 7 years ago
69958 Feature Request rejected 7 years ago
49690 Needs peer review: utf8 support in CGI::cookie() rejected Normal 7 years ago
79753 Windows Vista installation failure rejected 7 years ago
63668 Suggest another IMPROVE with code, details, diff inlude rejected 7 years ago
66194 labelattributes misbehaves in checkbox_group rejected 7 years ago
73133 Undefined $labelattributes causing uninitialized value errors in httpd log rejected 7 years ago
75922 CGI->start_form(-method=>"GET") wrong default enctype rejected 7 years ago
  • 3.43
  • 3.59
81339 no support for <!doctype html> HTML5 declaration rejected Normal 7 years ago 3.63
88451 Patch for CGI.PM to allow passing a hash for labelattributes rejected 7 years ago
89353 Using -attributes and -disabled with a checkbox_group generates invalid HTML rejected 7 years ago
53701 Needs Test & Patch: HTML generation: required closing takes are not generated for XHTML rejected Important 7 years ago
67666 Feature request: param to be lvalue sub rejected Wishlist 7 years ago
61396 Wish: allow HTML in check box labels rejected Wishlist 7 years ago
81878 Helper functions eat first argument if it is "CGI" rejected Important 7 years ago 3.63
65121 nosticky is not set when combined with :standard in import list rejected Important 7 years ago 3.52
55166 if you use ->Vars to get all arguments as a hash (ref) and then use UploadInfo on the correct hash value, it doesn't work. rejected Important 7 years ago
53966 "CGI open of tmpfile: No such file or directory\n" rejected Normal 7 years ago
35354 Needs Discussion: XHTML AND CSS not well implemented (HTML generation) rejected Normal 7 years ago
38100 Proposal: support for conditional comments containing style (HTML generation) rejected Wishlist 7 years ago
53628 Needs patch: wish: consider refactoring 'read_from_stdin' to make it easier to swap out STDIN rejected Wishlist 7 years ago
31107 Needs Confirmation: 400 Bad request (malformed multipart POST) with multipart/related rejected 7 years ago
30774 Needs Bug Hunting: mod_perl resets $XHTML to 1 after first request rejected 7 years ago
30057 Depends on RT#35376: popup_menu multiple selects rejected Important 7 years ago
23823 Bug: Needs Test and Patch: quotes for name= and filename= should not be required. (Not RFC-compliant) rejected Important 7 years ago
74117 typo in find_tempdir rejected 7 years ago
95634 find_tempdir error finding write permission directory rejected 7 years ago 3.65
95635 misprint in find_tempdir subroutine rejected 7 years ago
83719 hidden() does not assign the given value to the named element rejected 8 years ago
45073 Needs Peer Review: PATCH: Calling the upload method without argument leads to an error rejected Wishlist 8 years ago
23934 Needs Test: CGI::blockquote('foo') clobbers <STDIN> rejected Normal 8 years ago
43006 wish: provide sorted_query_string plugin rejected Wishlist 8 years ago
73378 upload() does not return open handle (prematurely closed?) rejected 9 years ago
76949 (No subject) rejected Important 9 years ago
73368 Content-Disposition filename double quoting for Google Chrome rejected Important 9 years ago 3.43
60196 corrected: IPv6 CGI forms issue rejected 9 years ago
56436 Unicode trouble with FCGI-0.69 and higher using Mason with CGI::Fast rejected 9 years ago
50407 tmp files not being cleaned up. rejected Normal 9 years ago
65071 bug in docs rejected Unimportant 10 years ago 3.51
68515 The url method uses the wrong params to get the query string rejected 10 years ago
25121 Needs Discussion: MOD_PERL consting rejected 10 years ago
15359 Needs reference: -no_xhtml pragma is not considered, when some form elements are created rejected Normal 10 years ago
57892 protocol method broken for reverse proxy running 443=>80 rejected Normal 11 years ago
49612 multipart POST form, with only one part rejected 11 years ago
43560 Needs Doc Patch: MIXING POST AND URL PARAMETERS doc section is somewhat misleading rejected 12 years ago
46253 Needs Info: XForms mode in should consider deprecated text/xml Content Type rejected 12 years ago
35318 CGI hidden values within form appearing on link rejected 12 years ago
32924 url_param() method doesn't accept named arguments rejected 12 years ago
42954 [PATCH 4/3] gitweb: Update README that gitweb works better with PATH_INFO rejected 12 years ago
26070 error in filehandle returned by upload function rejected 12 years ago
23809 Setting "expires" to 0 to clear cookie results in the cookie being set to expire "now" rejected Normal 12 years ago
23891 url() and self_url() act inconsistently for Server Side Includes rejected 12 years ago
11873 CGI::upload returns no value rejected Normal 12 years ago
35153 (No subject) rejected Normal 12 years ago
20401 NPH and RewriteEngine in Apache rejected Normal 12 years ago
18677 Server closed socket during multipart read (client aborted?). rejected Important 12 years ago
19795 url() method's behavoir changes during upgrade. rejected Important 12 years ago
19068 re: 19044 url(...) returns empty results with IIS rejected Normal 12 years ago
17452 Multipart Data in CGI->new($data) rejected Wishlist 12 years ago
14960 popup_menu rejected Critical 12 years ago
43462 CGI::url_param without parens causes a syntax error, but CGI::param is okay rejected 12 years ago
7976 CGI::Fast bugfix rejected Important 12 years ago
11902 CGI::Carp with fatalsToBrowser doesn't w/ modperl 1.999.20 rejected Normal 12 years ago

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