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IDSubjectStatusSeverityLast UpdatedBroken inFixed in
18284 UTF8 support when using Twig->print() rejected Important 12 years ago 3.23
18285 Indentation pains for no apperant reason rejected Normal 12 years ago 3.23
18970 Findnodes() searches entire document, even when run on a twig rejected Critical 15 years ago 3.23
20322 The method being employed to break circular references is just a little *too* eager. rejected Critical 14 years ago
  • 3.25
  • 3.26
25156 Bug in XML-Twig handling Control Characters? rejected 14 years ago
25261 Parsing UTF-8 XMLs reduces Latin chars to bytes if keep_encoding => 0 rejected 9 years ago
28960 XML::Twig and whitespaces in element values and in attribute values rejected 12 years ago
33632 Formfeeds break parsing in XML::Twig 3.13 rejected 12 years ago
38163 $twig->sprint produces badly formed XML because of entity bug (test case included) rejected Important 10 years ago
38384 Inconsistent prefixing of namespaces on attributes when using map_xmlns rejected Normal 13 years ago 3.32
38627 Add support for html-like tags (<TAGNAME atts="foo" />) outside of html rejected Normal 10 years ago 3.32
40369 suggestion for possible performance enhancement rejected 10 years ago
59173 parse should accept scalar ref rejected 10 years ago
61167 xml_split -g and -s don't return text nodes rejected 9 years ago
67271 Having seg fault with script on multi thread perl systems rejected Important 7 years ago 3.38
67632 Uninitialized value $nb in sub child ( rejected 10 years ago
79147 expanded greater than symbol entity &gt; not preserved in parse rejected 9 years ago
87630 ${ instead of $] rejected 8 years ago
125304 &gt; HTML metacharacters in text are not preserved rejected Important 3 years ago 3.52

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