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Update: The bug tracker service is no longer shutting down.

This queue is for tickets about the DBD-Pg CPAN distribution.




ID Subject Status Severity Last Updated Broken in Fixed in
17287 rollback in DBD::Pg::db::DESTROY = cargo cult? rejected Normal 15 years ago 1.41
18035 dollar numbered placeholders rejected Normal 14 years ago
25725 DBD::Pg error with Kerberos on Solaris rejected 14 years ago
18585 FR: cannot get imp_dbh->conn rejected Wishlist 13 years ago 1.48
19604 ARRAY[] notation no longer supported in INSERT, missing bind parameter rejected Normal 13 years ago 1.31
18128 Bus error when fetching array columns on Mac OS X rejected Important 13 years ago 1.44
23061 Catalog Functions and case sensitivity rejected 13 years ago
34840 (int4) bind type picked for varchar column. rejected Important 13 years ago 2.5.1
35726 selectrow_hashref() returning wrong value rejected 13 years ago
36075 Cannot load rejected 13 years ago
14984 Compiling without Postgresql rejected 12 years ago
40440 DBI->quote(quotemeta("foo-bar")) returns invalid string rejected 12 years ago
59218 Version number is inaccuate? rejected Critical 11 years ago 2.17.1
65922 Fails to execute queries with interval rejected Important 10 years ago 2.17.2
60047 DBI::Pg - CPAN install hangs at test: t/40profile.t rejected Normal 10 years ago
83830 FYI: error with placeholders in CONCAT() function rejected 8 years ago
88439 Incompatibility between postgres 9.2 and DBD:Pg (table_info and primary_key_info) rejected 7 years ago
83017 [FEATURE REQUEST] DBD::Pg $sth with server-side prepares fails when executed in forked process due to unreliable prepare_name scheme rejected 7 years ago
79164 error: create database rejected Important 7 years ago 2.15.1
55755 DBD::Pg not thread safe ? rejected 7 years ago
64849 Get meta data from information_schema rejected Wishlist 7 years ago
41515 Win32 DBD::Pg PPMs rejected Normal 7 years ago
75872 Tests are skipped when trying to connect to DB rejected 7 years ago 2.19.2
101390 COPY FROM broken in 3.5.0 rejected 6 years ago
107371 Fetchall arrayref of ( serial, jsonb ) query result gives text scalar '( id_value, "{jsonb contents}")' rather than array with two elements. rejected 5 years ago
110800 Queries containing intervals of format "INTERVAL 'X period'" fail when pg_server_prepare is enabled rejected 5 years ago
93636 Dollar Quoting is being triggered in the middle of a identifier rejected 4 years ago 2.99.9_2
109244 BEGIN READ ONLY rejected 4 years ago
107763 connect() not accepting dbname in attrs hash rejected 3 years ago
57695 DBD::Pg unconditionally rolling back destroyed statements on destroy (in pg_st_deallocate_statement) rejected Unimportant 2 years ago 2.17.1
124395 3.7.1: ERROR: current transaction is aborted rejected 2 years ago
100407 Number of row fields inconsistent with NUM_OF_FIELDS (driver bug) rejected 2 years ago 3.4.2
114548 length($string) > 32; length(substr($string, 0, 32)) == 31 rejected 2 years ago
127847 crasher involving uncommitted exit rejected Important 1 years ago
92733 DBD::Pg-3.0.0 Test Hangs on Win32 Strawberry Perl rejected 9 months ago
90448 Oddness with pg_lo_import_with_oid rejected Important 9 months ago

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