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This queue is for tickets about the Encode CPAN distribution.




ID Subject Status Severity Last Updated Broken in Fixed in
132622 LEAVE_SRC cant be used without other bits in check open 8 months ago
129086 STOP_AT_PARTIAL forced on for renew()ed encodings (for some anyway) open 1 years ago
130266 dead code in encengine.c:do_encode() new 1 years ago
99825 bad test count in t/Unicode.t open 2 years ago 2.63
124094 Program gets stuck when trying to read an illegal iso-2022-jp file open Important 2 years ago 2.94
84493 Sometimes hang under FreeBSD when encoding layer used and encodings are incorrect. open Normal 2 years ago 2.42
124438 memory-eating fail on 5.25.{6..8} new 3 years ago
113994 fork after encoding(utf8) causes crash open 3 years ago 2.78
123921 Encode::Alias should respect single spaces in encoding names open Normal 3 years ago
123262 Encode 2.93 fails to build on perl 5.16.2 built in EMC Smarts 9.4.1 new 3 years ago
123222 Lower Encode::CN::HZ version new 3 years ago 2.93
114065 Encode-2.84 breaks win32 in CORE open 4 years ago
121369 enc2xs from core breaks modules based on it on Windows open Normal 4 years ago 2.89
109555 iso-2022-jp sometimes doesn't consume input open 5 years ago
57069 _get_locale_encoding() for public use open 5 years ago
100347 [PATCH] Silence upcoming duplicate deprecation warning in open 6 years ago
96107 2.62 test failure open 7 years ago
88338 META: add perl minimum version open Wishlist 7 years ago 2.54
90769 make enc2xs status appear on stdout (enhancement request) open 7 years ago
93372 Encode choses BE when LE would be appropriate open Wishlist 7 years ago
89543 [RT #120230]: I< > in verbatim paragraphs in perldoc Encode open 7 years ago
77867 encode_utf8 / decode_utf8 reference open Wishlist 7 years ago 2.44
87340 Unicode Mappping tables are missing Unicode Inc. license notification open 7 years ago
82348 multi eval problems with attr macro in Encode::Unicode open Important 8 years ago 2.47
82730 Encode::Unicode is copying uninit memory to uninit memory open Important 8 years ago 2.47
76713 [perl #44359] Encode has mixed minimum Perl version requirements open 8 years ago
76186 Encode::Alias::find_alias fails if invoked as a function open 8 years ago 2.44
74482 Module Encode doesn't work with Par-Packer open 8 years ago
73623 [perl #107326] perl's unicode conversion fails when iconv succeeds open 9 years ago
69326 Wrong encode_utf8 result for utf8 string open Normal 9 years ago 2.43
41211 unarm dangerous characters open Wishlist 9 years ago
64788 error decoding UTF-16 "noncharacters" open 9 years ago
68742 Link rot open 9 years ago
69618 Segfault in perl5.15.0 open Important 9 years ago 2.43
69736 find_encoding(q[cp1252]) fails if Storable is loaded open Important 10 years ago 2.43
67065 Please document STOP_AT_PARTIAL as a full API feature open 10 years ago 2.35
54111 use encoding can not work in threads open 10 years ago
58835 Memory corruption/Perl crash with ${^ENCODING} and decode callback open Important 10 years ago 2.39
63097 Allowing partial build without some encodings open Wishlist 10 years ago
53322 renewed method giving problems with CGI::Session/CGI::Cookie open Normal 10 years ago 2.39
49557 Add ISO-2022-JP-2 encoding mapping open Wishlist 11 years ago
41167 (No subject) open Normal 12 years ago 2.26
16663 encoding iso-2022-jp doesnot work on ebcdic open Normal 14 years ago

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