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This queue is for tickets about the Devel-Cover CPAN distribution.




ID Subject Status Severity Last Updated Broken in Fixed in
78801 condition coverage gets messed up by de Morgan rule new Important 3 years ago 0.92
43947 All Test Fail on AIX and Perl 5.10.0 With Different Fail (Cannot close perl) open Important 5 years ago 0.64
80013 Devel::Cover sets $DB::single to 0 open Normal 5 years ago 0.96
31841 Build fails during link under Windows XP open 5 years ago 0.63
52599 Doesn't work with MooseX::Meta::Signatures open 5 years ago 0.65
80340 Block before "continue" is ignored open Unimportant 5 years ago 0.96
66471 Devel::Cover does not see top-level statements in used Modules open 5 years ago
56462 relative paths in cover_db open Normal 5 years ago 0.65
40454 Reading constant code references invalidates statement coverage open Normal 5 years ago 0.64
39076 Contents of eval STRING counted against coverage open Normal 5 years ago 0.64
38781 Instructions on how it is expected to work under mod_perl? open Normal 5 years ago 0.64
32089 Covered line reported as uncovered open 5 years ago
17215 Devel::Cover considers code that failed to compile "covered" open Critical 5 years ago 0.55
42532 calling Devel::Cover::report on exec() open Normal 5 years ago 0.63
81250 Statement and time counts inaccurate if a program forks new 5 years ago 0.97
80158 Devel::Cover: Can't open accessor new Important 5 years ago 0.78
34327 Condition coverage for constants open Normal 5 years ago 0.63
70387 nested anon subs are not covered open Normal 5 years ago 0.79
16222 Regular expressions have conditions too! open Wishlist 6 years ago
69654 l10n numeric fractional separator from get_elapsed() is wrongly serialized with JSON::PP new 6 years ago 0.78
69240 Coverage ignores split-out subroutines when AutoLoader/AutoSplit is used new Important 6 years ago 0.78
67718 perl subprocesses with "-e" scripts fail (perl -MDevel::Cover -e) open Normal 7 years ago 0.66
45054 gcov2perl suspectible to different usage of same C/C++ include file (esp. templates) stalled Normal 7 years ago 0.59
67610 Infinite loop when run against code with recursive data structures new Important 7 years ago 0.76
43054 Wrong charset / encoding in the generated HTML page open Normal 7 years ago 0.64
58929 No coverage for runtime with Devel::Cover and ModPerl::Registry new Normal 7 years ago 0.67
36336 Circular reference in data structure leads to memory leak new Unimportant 9 years ago 0.63

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