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This queue is for tickets about the PPI CPAN distribution.




ID Subject Status Severity Last Updated Broken in Fixed in
16836 PPI::Dumper - recursion problems new Unimportant 14 years ago
16952 [PATCH] Speed up tokenizer char-by-char open Wishlist 14 years ago
27121 Add character-set to _slurp new Wishlist 13 years ago 1.199_02
30037 incorect var=-Foo::Bar::meth() / makes -Foo and ::Bar open 6 years ago
30496 calculate document char offset when indexing locations open 13 years ago
30582 option to 'group' package elements as children open 13 years ago
31564 How to create a PPI::Structure::Condition open Wishlist 13 years ago 1.201
36384 error on \0 char open 6 years ago
36555 "require" in expression parse as PPI::Statement::Include open 12 years ago
37176 (No subject) new Wishlist 12 years ago 1.203
37352 multiple dereference erroneously parsed as Token::Magic open 6 years ago
38803 How do I detect an anonymous subroutine? open Wishlist 12 years ago
40146 (No subject) new Wishlist 12 years ago 1.203
41170 Misparse of ternary expression open Normal 9 years ago 1.203
41733 ${$hashref}{"KEY"} etc braced deref subscript open 6 years ago
43933 Recognize <*> as being a glob operation, not a readline. open Wishlist 9 years ago
44661 suggest parsing string interpolations as code new 11 years ago
45015 Duplicate code open Unimportant 11 years ago 1.204_01
46545 suggest PPI::Statement::Include module_version and module_first_arg new 11 years ago
48265 Special Characters in Formats Make PPI::Document::new() fail open Important 11 years ago 1.203
51532 QuoteLike string() method new 11 years ago
55749 mis-parse of negation -POSIX::DBL_MAX() open 6 years ago
57163 Whitespace-only line is concatenated with the whitespaces in the beginning of the next line open Normal 9 years ago 1.210
67842 insert operation fails with two instances of PPI::Document (problems with destructor of PPI::Document?) new 9 years ago
69211 No 'interpolations' method for PPI::Token::Quote::Interpolate? new Wishlist 9 years ago 1.215
72679 mis-parse of $$$x as special variable $$ open 6 years ago
73344 PPI 1.215 Reference count bug? new 9 years ago
74527 v-numbers bug open 6 years ago
75038 10_000.10_000.10_000 does not parse to a Number::Version token open Normal 6 years ago 1.215
75921 Misparsing map followed by regexp containing " open Normal 6 years ago 1.215
86299 poor handling of utf8 sub names new 7 years ago
86553 PPI incorrectly treats the {} in do_something({ %options }) as a block open Normal 6 years ago 1.215
89991 PPI::Token::Operator's list of ops in the docs does not include the filetest operators. new Normal 7 years ago 1.215
91274 add_element_at method for PPI::Node new 7 years ago
93568 PPI fails to parse utf8 variable names open 6 years ago
100980 Allow for statements to be inserted new 6 years ago

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