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This queue is for tickets about the CPAN distribution.




ID Subject Status Severity Last Updated Broken in Fixed in
94423 CGI::Fast vs. Cs STDOUT new 3 weeks ago 2.52
82364 Patch - add noTimestamp option to CGI::Carp open Normal 7 weeks ago 3.48
90791 installs in wrong place for 5.19 open 5 months ago
89992 url.t fails if env var SCRIPT_NAME is set, url.t fails with Intel C on Win32 new 6 months ago 3.48
89827 url() does not behave as expected on IIS new 6 months ago
89747 Subprocess created using safe pipes wipes out temp files new 6 months ago
89380 mod_perl 2.x: sometimes CGI params do not get refreshed on subsequent request new 6 months ago
89353 Using -attributes and -disabled with a checkbox_group generates invalid HTML new 7 months ago
85074 [PATCH] handle() untested + calling seek() as a method on result open 7 months ago 3.48
88451 Patch for CGI.PM to allow passing a hash for labelattributes new 8 months ago
87790 url() shouldn't call query_string() unless needed open 8 months ago
85958 [PATCH] POD fixes (=item) open 11 months ago
85595 please make FCGI an optional dependency open Important 11 months ago
85073 [git only] t/url.t syntax error open 12 months ago
84767 CGI::Carp doesn't print Input Line Number in die() error message open 1 years ago
83360 errors setting custom message not displayed by CGI::Carp v3.51 open 1 years ago
83365 Problem is in CGI/ when last rearranged param doesn't have any value. open Important 1 years ago
36312 Needs Confirmation: PATCH: Also consider REDIRECT_QUERY_STRING in mod_perl open Normal 1 years ago 3.37
51021 Needs patch: Vars TIEHASH interface should accept arrayrefs for STORE open Wishlist 1 years ago 3.48
53628 Needs patch: wish: consider refactoring 'read_from_stdin' to make it easier to swap out STDIN new Wishlist 1 years ago 3.48
51020 Needs Patch: Vars TIEHASH interface does not return the value for DELETE open Normal 1 years ago 3.42
49690 Needs peer review: utf8 support in CGI::cookie() open Normal 1 years ago 3.47
38100 Proposal: support for conditional comments containing style (HTML generation) open Wishlist 1 years ago
35354 Needs Discussion: XHTML AND CSS not well implemented (HTML generation) open Normal 1 years ago
23823 Bug: Needs Test and Patch: quotes for name= and filename= should not be required. (Not RFC-compliant) open Important 1 years ago 3.48
22737 Needs Test, Docs: PATCH: multipart_start doesn't accept a -charset parameter (HTML generation) open Normal 1 years ago 3.25
53701 Needs Test & Patch: HTML generation: required closing takes are not generated for XHTML open Important 1 years ago
38285 Needs Lincoln: different copyright and license notices for some files open 1 years ago
55166 if you use ->Vars to get all arguments as a hash (ref) and then use UploadInfo on the correct hash value, it doesn't work. open Important 1 years ago 3.27
81935 distname is rather than CGI open Normal 1 years ago 3.48
79516 [PATCH] Use only the first X_FORWARDED_HOST for building URLs. open 2 years ago
79027 PATH_INFO is not removed if it contains a double slash open 2 years ago
79102 PUTDATA/POSTDATA, uncorrupted by -utf8, and as tempfiles open Normal 2 years ago
76189 Test script missing from CPAN distribution? open Important 2 years ago
75628 parameters POSTDATA and XForms:Model for POST Content-Type application/xml open Normal 2 years ago
52469 PUT method with empty body seems to freeze CGI->new() open Normal 2 years ago 3.44
74117 typo in find_tempdir open 2 years ago
73133 Undefined $labelattributes causing uninitialized value errors in httpd log new 2 years ago
72309 fails FCGI test open 2 years ago
71799 find_tempdir() still has problems under ms-windows open Important 2 years ago 3.48
70609 CGI::Fast not honoring ENV values unless in BEGIN open Normal 3 years ago 3.43
70337 POD out of date for https() enviroment variable open 3 years ago
70284 POSTDATA open Important 3 years ago 3.48
69958 Feature Request open 3 years ago
69688 [PATCH] Spelling fixes open 3 years ago
48370 Needs peer review: docs for query_string should be updated open 3 years ago 3.44
67666 Feature request: param to be lvalue sub open Wishlist 3 years ago
30774 Needs Bug Hunting: mod_perl resets $XHTML to 1 after first request open 3 years ago
66194 labelattributes misbehaves in checkbox_group new 3 years ago
65924 reduce podchecker warnings open Unimportant 3 years ago
65492 CGI::Fast first-request Environment showing up in later requests new Important 3 years ago 3.48
64949 missing file in tarball patched 3 years ago
50576 CGI::Cookie doesn't conform to RFC2109, 'Max-Age' ( Needs peer review ) open Normal 3 years ago 3.43
63668 Suggest another IMPROVE with code, details, diff inlude new 3 years ago
61396 Wish: allow HTML in check box labels open Wishlist 3 years ago
61120 redirect removes "&" and ";" from query strings open 3 years ago
62446 LF only instead of CRLF breaks multiform POST data processing on file uploads from certain devices open 3 years ago
31107 Needs Confirmation: 400 Bad request (malformed multipart POST) with multipart/related open 3 years ago
58000 [PATCH] Make EBCDIC a compile-time constant so there's zero overhead (and less compiled code) in subroutines that test for it. patched 3 years ago
30940 Needs Documentation: CGI::Util's escape and unescape methods open Wishlist 4 years ago
54487 url() does not handle multi-valued X-Forwarded-Host open Important 4 years ago 3.48
57524 always calls binmode on STDOUT, STDERR, and STDIN, even if they already have IO layers open Normal 4 years ago 3.48
56780 Windows 7 and CGI.PM undefined upload handle open 4 years ago
15065 CGI should support 'Set-Cookie' header open Important 4 years ago 3.11
54511 CGI::url_param uninitialized value in hash open Normal 4 years ago 3.48
54341 - misleading documentation new 4 years ago
53966 "CGI open of tmpfile: No such file or directory\n" open Normal 4 years ago 3.48
54055 Patch suggestion: enable reading from an arbitrary handle new Normal 4 years ago 3.48
52614 request for DELETE support open Normal 4 years ago
30057 Depends on RT#35376: popup_menu multiple selects stalled Important 5 years ago 2.45

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