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134576 CDATA sections not handled correctly new 2 months ago
129367 Problem with XML::SAX::PurePerl - if a comment has its ending two dashes on one side, and the > on the other side, of a 4096 byte boundary, it's not recognized as commend end new 2 years ago
127592 Insufficient PurePerl support for EBCDIC new 3 years ago
104664 Makefile.PL: correct invocation so that out-of-tree builds and DESTDIR installs work open 3 years ago 0.99
97298 XML::SAX::PurePerl incorrectly (and silently) parses CDATA if the end maker is split between buffers. open 3 years ago 0.99
119969 Bug 97298 impact and priority open 4 years ago
118743 Unused variable $error in SAX/PurePerl/ new Unimportant 4 years ago 0.99
112647 Missing as a dependency. open 5 years ago
95915 make install fails when DESTDIR is used new 7 years ago
86591 Github repo in metadata for CPAN open 7 years ago
79966 [PATCH] 21saxini.t fails if SAX.ini exists new Normal 9 years ago 0.99
79816 XML::SAX::PurePerl does not parse properly when given non-ascii input new Critical 9 years ago 0.99
74666 First 1994 characters decoded differently from the rest new Critical 9 years ago 0.99
42896 Fails for UTF-16 files with encoding="UTF-16" new 10 years ago 0.96
62330 [PATCH] Fix bug where updating ParserDetails.ini fails when using DESTDIR. open 11 years ago
56280 [BUG] XML::SAX-0.96 includes files twice new 11 years ago
20126 incorrect parsing of comments open Important 11 years ago
  • 0.14
  • 0.96
52563 PurePerl parser rejects DTD with unhelpful error message new 11 years ago
52434 New feature standardization: non-blocking IO new Normal 11 years ago
51073 RE: PI has no target new 12 years ago
51045 PI has no target new 12 years ago
43738 need to set $/ when reading ParserDetails.ini new Important 12 years ago 0.96
43174 Bug XML/SAX/, sub CDSect new 12 years ago
43153 Bug XML/SAX/, sub CDSect new 12 years ago
38068 Can't use XML::SAX in a PAR::Packer standalone due to ParserDetails.ini problem new 13 years ago
38792 sanity check needed before allowing parsers into ParserDetails.ini new 13 years ago
37648 Bytes processed value new Wishlist 13 years ago 0.16
37647 (No subject) new Wishlist 13 years ago 0.16
20283 XML validates at w3c but I get 'Invalid name in entity [Ln: 4813, Col: 97]' open Normal 13 years ago 0.14
33194 testfiles/xmltest.xml seems non-distributable new Important 13 years ago 0.16
19129 Dependency problem when trying to use cpan2rpm open Normal 14 years ago 0.14
19367 parse_string() crashes when handed UTF-8 combining characters open Critical 15 years ago 0.14
19193 XML::SAX will not build when LIB variable is set for Makefile.PL new Critical 15 years ago 0.14
16314 test 16large failed - End tag mismatch new 15 years ago 0.13
9543 XML::SAX::ParserFactory should have a can => "method", isa => "package" params new 16 years ago
6221 make install tries to write ParserDetails.ini in read-only directory new Normal 17 years ago 0.12
6037 should support ISO-8859-1 new Normal 17 years ago 0.12
4990 Suggestion for XML::SAX::Intro pod new Normal 17 years ago
243 could not find ParserDetails.ini new Normal 17 years ago 0.08
392 X::S::PurePerl should not put itself last in ParserDetails on upgrade new Critical 19 years ago 0.10
192 ParserDetails.ini in @INC new 19 years ago

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