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IDSubjectStatusSeverityLast UpdatedBroken inFixed in
120831 XML-Atom: Configuration fails with Perl 5 blead due to no-dot-by-default-in-@INC open 5 years ago
105308 [PATCH] Use Digest::SHA instead of Digest::SHA1 new 6 years ago
103399 $XML::Atom::ForceUnicode does nothing? new 7 years ago
86666 Test broken by spaces in directory names new Normal 8 years ago 0.41
85162 Atom feed genereated from the example in the synopsis does not validate new 9 years ago 0.41
70638 better documentation of XML::Atom::Entry->content new 10 years ago
21733 Can't seem to set content with type of */xml open Important 10 years ago 0.23
69257 Module will not install in Strawberry Perl +patch new Critical 10 years ago 0.39
69180 XML::Atom chokes on doctypes--from Google Calendar, for example open Important 10 years ago 0.39
62588 XML::Atom::Base::set cannot create empty elements new 11 years ago
60263 Use Digest::SHA instead of Digest::SHA1 new 11 years ago
47204 Typo in XML::Atom::Feed POD new 12 years ago
47187 Time to make Atom 1.0 the default? open 12 years ago
43212 XML vs. [X]HTML parsing new 13 years ago
41217 XML::Atom::Feed does not seem to support the whole generator tag new Important 13 years ago 0.29
41216 The add_contributor methods of by XML::Atom::Feed and XML::Atom::Entry do not add contributor elements new Important 13 years ago 0.29
29815 need for an XML::Atom::Source open 13 years ago
32230 misformats content for at least 2 types new Critical 13 years ago 0.28
40043 GeoRSS fields not supported new Wishlist 13 years ago 0.28
33828 make test fails on Mac OS X 10.5.2 new Important 14 years ago 0.28
32031 No documentation for id, title etc. in XML::Atom::Entry new 14 years ago 0.28
31309 XML::Atom::Server request_content empty under CGI new Important 14 years ago 0.28
29970 Feedback from XML::Atom::Service new Wishlist 14 years ago
26585 Default Namespace doesn't exist :( open Important 14 years ago 0.09
24927 Namespace of XML::Atom::Category should be independent from its parent element open Wishlist 14 years ago 0.25
29399 SAX for portability open 14 years ago
29032 Problem accessing source from a feed entry new 14 years ago
28406 tests fail when PERL_UNICODE is set new Normal 14 years ago 0.25_02
23595 [PATCH] XML::Atom::Base warns from tests for XML::Feed open 15 years ago 0.23
23538 Optional prereqs are not so optional new 15 years ago 0.23
18666 Support for Basic auth in XML::Atom::Client new Normal 16 years ago 0.19
7370 LibXML or XPath switch new Wishlist 17 years ago

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