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This queue is for tickets about the URI CPAN distribution.




ID Subject Status Severity Last Updated Broken in Fixed in
102685 Warning in URI/ open 9 days ago
86064 URI->as_iri can produce both bytes and characters, depending on input open 4 months ago 1.60
53681 A bad utf8-related trap on query_form() open 7 months ago
98523 canonical() left an apostroph symbol unscaped new 8 months ago
98381 host returns punycoded domain new 8 months ago
82133 URI::QueryParam does not handle a single, value-less parameter open Important 9 months ago 1.60
24934 URI mailto not correctly encoded according to rfc2368 new Important 10 months ago
53191 Feature Request :: URI Normalization new Wishlist 10 months ago
96337 In URI::QueryParam, the 'query_param_append' method can't append several UTF8 params. new Important 10 months ago 1.60
95212 mailto-URI encodes space as + (plus sign), where %20 would be preferable new 12 months ago
95211 mailto-URI must encode all newlines as %0D%0A in message body new 12 months ago
94832 $uri->canonical() can give different results for the same URL new 1 years ago
94699 cache parsed URI components for performance open 1 years ago
86269 URI 1.60 authority open 2 years ago
85910 URI::query_form has potential to double encode new 2 years ago
82412 $DEFAULT_QUERY_FORM_DELIMITER should not affect POST requests open Normal 2 years ago 1.60
31273 New-style URIs for query parameters open Wishlist 2 years ago 1.35
81460 Unescaping UTF-8 file URLs doesn't work with "use encoding" new Normal 2 years ago 1.60
80074 Perfomance problems on URI::_punycode new 3 years ago
79523 incorrect parsing of extensions in URI::ldap new Normal 3 years ago 1.60
77756 URI Path Truncated new Important 3 years ago 1.60
75026 Percent character not escaped open 3 years ago 1.59
62708 Distingush between empty and undef values in query_form open 3 years ago
75726 test failing on AIX 5.3 that passes on AIX 6.1 new 3 years ago
70461 to_string is missing for URI::_generic new Normal 4 years ago 1.56
69035 trouble parsing a URI example from wikipedia open 4 years ago
70161 URI parsing may corrupt data if argument is UTF-8 string open 4 years ago
68179 weird URI/URI::Escape behavior with Readonly open 4 years ago 1.58
43859 should be _utf8_off -ed raw data before URI encoding open 4 years ago
63757 weird behaviour of URI->rel with double slashes new 4 years ago
27867 use URI::Escape::XS when available open 5 years ago
57946 $uri->query_param($k,$v) escapes $v different with URI::Escape::uri_escape() new 5 years ago 1.54
52707 URI::host may return tainted data when called for the first time new 5 years ago 1.51
52009 Undeclared dependencies open Normal 5 years ago 1.50
52018 Also tr/+/ / new Wishlist 5 years ago 1.35
50696 Option for URI to not escape open Wishlist 5 years ago 1.40
42938 URI accepts invalid hostnames new Important 6 years ago
4909 correctly resolve 'subdir/../index.html' to 'index.html' open Normal 6 years ago 1.18
41292 Stringified URI::URL does not include port number new 6 years ago 1.37
38123 URI::QueryParam does not sets param value to empty string new 7 years ago
26404 wtai scheme support new Wishlist 8 years ago 1.35
15699 How relative is my URI? new Wishlist 9 years ago 1.35

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