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IDSubjectStatusSeverityLast UpdatedBroken inFixed in
132726 /^$RE{URI}$/ takes exponential time depending on the position of an invalid percent-encoding new 11 months ago
129566 Examples in pod do not work(?) Regexp::Common new 2 years ago
122678 Out of date card recognition and no processing agreement support in Regexp::Common::CC new 4 years ago
122418 suggest comment syntax for Pari/GP new 4 years ago
122398 comment regexps at end-of-string new 4 years ago
120534 Fails install when no '.' in @INC open 4 years ago
120605 Escaped multi-character delimiters not recognised in new 4 years ago
118421 $RE{ comment }{ Perl } cannot be used in extended expression. new Normal 4 years ago 2016060801
116094 $RE{num}{real}{-sep => ","} does not match decimals starting with a dot. new 5 years ago
110313 Random test failures new 5 years ago 2013031301
104252 Regexp::Common::net name should also mention MAC, IPv6 and dns support new Normal 6 years ago 2013031301
103911 determinism in tests new 6 years ago
2907 support for HTTP URIs with internal hyperlinks open Wishlist 6 years ago 2.113
70944 $RE{URI}{HTTP} doesn't match the fragment part of a HTTP URI open 6 years ago
51132 Fwd: Regexp::Common, small inheritability improvement open Wishlist 6 years ago 2010010201
23614 [RFE] DOI URI support open Wishlist 6 years ago
95720 (?k:...) should support named captures new 7 years ago
88159 IPv6 regexp is incomplete new 8 years ago
55545 URI regex does not include fragments open Wishlist 8 years ago 2010010201
68288 IPv6 in URI::http (RFC2396 obsoleted by RFC3986) open Normal 10 years ago
56558 Use ISO country codes instead of full country names for zip? open Wishlist 10 years ago
38766 (No subject) open Wishlist 10 years ago 2.122
7554 Addition of username:password recognition in http URI open Wishlist 12 years ago 2.117

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