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IDSubjectStatusSeverityLast UpdatedBroken inFixed in
133045 CustomField not applying [ #133045] open 5 weeks ago
31795 [Patch] New configuration option: CommandByMailStripOut open Wishlist 5 weeks ago
133987 Fix a spelling mistake in the pod new 4 months ago
123787 sometimes undefined $return_ref variable in new 3 years ago
106069 Issue Setting Owner Via Email new 6 years ago
105301 Non existent values within custom fields new 6 years ago
76947 option to prevent replies to author when commands can not be parsed new 9 years ago
71958 [LiHAS #3069] Headers interfering with mail content / patch included open 9 years ago
63702 Failure to parse Custom Fields with non-ascii characters new 10 years ago
60571 Problem with "TakeAction" handling of v-cards new 11 years ago
58211 CBM doesn't allow text past 58 characters open 11 years ago
58382 [PATCH] Read commands from headers, other patch integration new 11 years ago
27333 don't try to process commands from unprivileged users? open Normal 11 years ago
40480 Add option to redirect error emails open 11 years ago
58299 Ignore common non-commands open Wishlist 11 years ago 0.06
56933 commandbymail: reassign ticket, chained owner commands error new 11 years ago
56409 RT-Extension-CommandByMail-0.07 patch for time parsing new 11 years ago
56315 Problems with MIME attached messages and set-* flags/commands open Normal 11 years ago
55940 CustomFields not set unless user/group has SeeQueue Rights new 11 years ago
40501 [Patch] Make RT-Extension-CommandByMail handle emails forwarded by MS Outlook gracefully new 12 years ago

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