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IDSubjectStatusSeverityLast UpdatedBroken inFixed in
120634 Email not possible as authentication token new 4 years ago
119941 rt 4.4 not supported open 4 years ago
111804 problem for auto-create account if aka NAME field in database contains uppercase. new 5 years ago
107812 Regarding RT External Authentication new 6 years ago
105976 UserDisabled search should stop on the first match new 6 years ago
103493 Import user data from LDAP new 6 years ago
88148 RT::Authen::ExternalAuth SSO config.. tips please.. open 6 years ago
100865 Wishlist: allow E-mail address to be used for login name new 6 years ago
98016 perl Makefile.PL failure with RT-Authen-ExternalAuth-0.23 open 7 years ago
94843 Altering other users' passwords requires still RT's internal password new 7 years ago
94014 uninitialized string in new 7 years ago
92514 DBI plugin doesn't normalize case new 7 years ago 0.17
83633 Support creation of groups from LDAP and DBI queries new Wishlist 8 years ago
82588 Per-hash salt support in DBI backend open Wishlist 8 years ago
43478 Enhancement request to selectively update fields from LDAP open Wishlist 8 years ago
69500 Groups membership is checked after the user bind open 8 years ago
80345 AutoCreateNonExternalUsers = 0 prevents manual user creation of internal users new Important 8 years ago 0.11
76851 Users with alternate attributes for identification open 9 years ago
75348 Typo in calling logger new 9 years ago
74948 Cannot use Info-only mode to update user info on login without also doing auth new 9 years ago 0.09_03
74267 Decode values from LDAP when comparing against RT values or updating RT values new Important 9 years ago
58378 With AutoCreateNonExternalUsers=1, it is no longer possible to set internal passwords from your ExternalAuth account in 3.8.8 new Important 9 years ago 0.08
57791 Constructed DSN is invalid for ODBC connections open Normal 9 years ago
72113 group list membership - with possible patch open Wishlist 9 years ago 0.09
71424 usernames of all numbers from LDAP fail to create in RT new 9 years ago
73376 ExternalInfo checks only look at Name attribute regardless of what is set in attr_match_list new 9 years ago
71744 RT::User->HasPassword should be used instead of custom check new 10 years ago
68344 lookup_by hash as additional option may be helpful new 10 years ago
46900 [Patch] Allow specification of start_tls options in RT::Authen::ExternalAuth new Normal 12 years ago

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