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IDSubjectStatusSeverityLast UpdatedBroken inFixed in
126015 Perldoc -f stopped working for operators open 2 years ago
129532 Perl bundling a regressed version as an "upgrade" since 5.27.5 new 2 years ago
127153 t/02_module_pod_output.t may fail if run as root new 3 years ago 3.28
88204 default output is broken open 3 years ago
124029 perldoc -v doesn't support full-text search [perl:132684] new Wishlist 3 years ago
123878 unwarranted UTF-8 from ToMan new 3 years ago
120229 perldoc rudely interferes with pager configuration open 3 years ago
123471 S<non breaking text> does not work if =encoding is present new 4 years ago
107874 perldoc fails on https without non-core modules; resulting message not helpful patched Normal 4 years ago 3.25
111261 E<ouml> not rendering properly open 4 years ago 3.25
116601 02_module_pod_output.t invokes wrong `perldoc` patched 4 years ago
116827 02_module_pod_output.t fails tests 3 and 7 when put into core perl patched 4 years ago
118401 t/02_module_pod_output.t issues patched 4 years ago
116953 Command line parameter error under windows patched 4 years ago
116551 Not installed under strawberry perl patched 5 years ago
111388 B<bold pod text> stops working when lines are folded (using perlfunc) open 5 years ago
85780 Pod::Perldoc breaks paragraph lines incorrectly after the switch to ToTerm open 7 years ago 3.20
1815 perldoc switch to show module version open Wishlist 7 years ago
39355 "perldoc" Needs to be able to search $PATH open Wishlist 9 years ago 3.14
1814 -Q switch for searching perlfaq answers open Wishlist 9 years ago

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